Monday, 9 July 2018

The Cow Hollow Hotel, Manchester

There are few things I enjoy more than a good hotel, and discovering new places to stay is one of my favourite pastimes.
My Mum and I were in Manchester a couple of weeks ago for a girly night away, and while there we stayed at the newly-opened Cow Hollow Hotel; and boy is this place the dream!
This boutique hotel is nestled in the Northern Quarter, only a stones throw from Piccadilly Station and is a converted warehouse; which is evident from the high ceilings and exposed redbrick walls. 
It's a really unusual hotel in that the concept is simplicity; the rooms (there are only 16 so it feels quite cosy) are highly equipped with pretty much everything you can think of including Netflix, hairdryer and straighteners (so handy as you don't have to bring your own) and even earplugs by the bed to drown out the traffic noise outside. 
The attention to detail is fantastic with visually stunning decor and an eclectic, hip vibe. The owners are well travelled and have taken inspiration from a variety of different cultures which has resulted in a mishmash of styles that blend together really well; from the Moroccan-style lanterns to the French-Chateau flowers and up-cycled furniture and fashionable copper drinks menus.
The bar was well stocked with a huge array of cocktails, wines, craft beers and spirits and friendly, knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions or WhatsApp (yep thats right, you don't even need to get out of bed in this place to phone Reception!) 
The bedrooms are small but as everything you could need is provided there really isn't much need for them to be any bigger. The comfortable bed, modern rainfall shower, high-end REN toiletries and continental breakfast (in bed) consisting of granola, yoghurt, fresh fruit, coffee and juice are all simple but highly effective touches that made the stay feel even more relaxed and easy.
To top it all, the hotel offers free prosecco and nibbles in the evening to encourage the guests to mingle. They also leave milk and cookies in reception for guests to help themselves to before bed (we missed out on this as we were out for the evening though)
The hotel has recently been voted #1 in a survey of new places to stay in Manchester and it's a hidden gem that definitely won't stay hidden for long!

Have you stayed in the Cow Hollow?


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Hallelujah Hair Oil

I truly do have a love/hate relationship with my hair. 
As a general rule of thumb, no matter what I do with it it tends to look a bit like a birds nest. Over the years I've tried countless products that have promised to give me the hair of my dreams with no avail, as try as I might, it always looks as flat as a pancake.
So being ever the hair optimist, when Forest & Shore* contacted me to ask if I would be interested in trying their Hallelujah Hair Oil I jumped at the chance. 
Not only are Forest & Shore 100% natural and organic, their products are completely free of any pesky synthetic ingredients AND they don't test on animals - all of which is good in my book. 
The Hallelujah Hair Oil promises to repair dry, damaged locks (which if you're anything like me, years of bleaching and colouring has left my hair on the brittle side) while smoothing the follicles to leave your hair feeling silky and conditioned. 
It contains oils such as coconut, lavender (two of my favourites), rosemary, olive, sesame and arnica so it smells like an absolute dream as well as being packed full of goodness.
It can be used either post -wash before blow drying, or left on overnight for a more intensive condition. I've tried it both ways and found that my hair feels smooth and shiny without feeling weighed down like some oils do.
From an aesthetic point of view, the bottle certainly looks pleasing to the eye and the packaging gives you the feeling the product is far more expensive than its £14 price tag. Being glass it's also much more environmentally friendly and I think it's great that more and more companies are moving away from plastic. A little goes a long way and for fine hair like mine, one or two pipettes full is ample and barely makes a dent in the bottle!
Have you tried any Forest & Shore products?

This item was kindly gifted to me for review but all opinions and views are my own.


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Summer Holiday Plans: Choosing The Right Swimwear

It's hard to imagine it now, as I sit typing this dressed in a onesie and thick fluffy socks while the rain hammers down on the window, but it's actually coming up to summer holiday season.

As soon as it gets to this time of year, my mind starts wandering to thoughts of sun, beaches, light evenings, sunsets and cocktails - and I'm SO ready for summer now!

This year I'm hoping to do a couple of city breaks as opposed to a week-long holiday, and I've already been thinking about my holiday wardrobe. One thing I've been in dire need of is some new swimwear, and I firmly believe that one good investment piece can cover all different ranges of holidays. 
These days I'm definitely more of a one-piece girl (as much as I love a good bikini) and I tend to favour something simple but flattering. I also wanted something versatile enough to look good in a resort, poolside, on a beach or even in a hot tub or spa/pool when I'm not travelling.

With all these things in mind, I found what I needed on UK Swimwear*  as they have a huge range of items to suit all tastes, sizes and price ranges. I  ended up going for the Gottex Profile Stargazer High Neck Swimsuit as it ticked all my boxes; simple, flattering (with added tummy control for indulging in tasty local foods) and comfortable, but with the low cut front and detailed racerback helping it not to be too sensible.
Because no-one wants to be too sensible on holiday after all.

Do you have any summer travel plans?
What do you look for in a swimsuit?

I was very kindly gifted my swimsuit from UK Swimwear but all views and opinions are my own. 
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