Friday, 29 January 2016

Lush Bath Bombs / Mini Review

I have a problem.
My name's Lucy and I'm a LUSH hoarder.

It's bad enough that I buy so much, but I keep on buying before I've even begun to run my stock down, which leaves me with soggy bath bombs *cry*
As much as I love a bath, I'm one of those people that ONLY has them in the cold weather, I just can't bring myself to soak in a hot bath during the warmer months, and so my bath bomb collection has just grown and grown, and it's only now I'm using ones up that I've had for a year. Which don't get me wrong, has been fun. I mean there's worse ways to spend an evening, right?

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar 

I've had this since last Valentine's because I loved it so much (anyone else bulk buy last Feb?) Although by the time I used it the other week it was definitely past its best. I'm so excited these are back in stores, I really love the smell.

Milky Bath Bubble Bar 

I wrote about this a few months back, and its without a doubt one of my favourites. It's so bubbly and fresh, it definitely feels like a treat (and looks so cute too)

Love Locket Bath Bomb 

I wouldn't say this one was one of my favourites - again I got it in a Valentine's giftset so it's probably my own fault for keeping it so long. It didn't do anything exciting to the water or smell particularly memorable, but it did have little paper hearts inside which was a nice touch.

Heart Throb Bubbleroon 

I was lucky enough to get 2 of these because it was missing from my set, and when I complained they sent me two (I love you, LUSH) I'm glad I ended up with two because they smell gorgeous and the water turned a nice pinky-red.

Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb 
This was probably one of the most disappointing in my opinion, and as I'd heard so many good things I was definitely expecting more. It smelt quite nice but colourwise it was pretty wishy washy, and well, meh.

Rose Jam Bubbleroon 
I hoarded this one for ages because it looked so amazing, and don't even get me started on the smell! It didn't disappoint - it made my bath frothy and bubbly, and smelt incredible. The water turned a nice pinky colour too.

Karma Bubble Bar 
I loved the look of this, which is what attracted me to it first of all. Sadly it melted quite quickly so it was one of the first I used up (despite being one of my more recent purchases) and the water turned an inky, midnight blue, which was certainly different! I liked the smell too.

Pink Flamingo Reusable Bubble Bar 

I thought this was another underwhelming one. I only managed to get two uses out of (can't believe they say up to 8!) because the head fell off as soon as it hit the water! If you broke it up it would last longer, but if you swirl the stick in the water like they recommend then it's not as long lasting. Nice smell though and a lovely creamy pink water.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar 

I actually only used this last week, and I wish now I'd used it sooner because I'm sure then I'd have bought more! Super bubbly, lovely orange water and a gorgeous long lasting smell. Loved it!

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar 

This was another hidden gem, I wasn't really expecting much from this one but it was gorgeous, really bubbly and sparkly (although not too glittery) and left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

Have you tried any of these bath products?
I'd love to hear any other recommendations.


  1. I love Lush bath bombs!! Too bad I don't have a bath tub in my current apartment. Otherwise I would probably spend all my money on these bath bombs :D
    Love from New York,
    Charlotte Luisa |


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