Sunday, 27 March 2016

Little Things

Happy Easter lovelies!
I hope the day brings you happiness, relaxation, and lots of chocolate!

I love long weekends; the thought of waking up and knowing there's no work tomorrow is one of the best feelings in the world. I rarely go out on bank holidays any more, mostly I prefer to use them to potter around - a nice walk, meeting friends for lunch, some shopping, catching up on Netflix etc.

As boring as that may make me sound, for me it's all about the little things.

Life is a funny old thing, it goes by so quickly but we rarely appreciate things as much as we should. We don't always live in the moment, and sometimes don't realise what we've got until it's gone.
But we're all human, and that's just life; it doesn't make us bad people.

The older I get though, the more I recognise the importance of appreciating the little things. 
I realised that at least once every day, I find something that makes me smile, even if it's a stupidly small thing. And that's a really nice feeling to have.

The first cup of tea in the morning, putting your clothes on the radiator while so they're nice and warm when you get out of the shower, having a good hair day, receiving a lovely text, finding a parking space, a song you love coming on the radio, belly laughs with friends, getting a compliment, going for a walk in the fresh air, getting post, driving home and seeing a beautiful sunset, taking your bra off and putting on your PJ's, the smell of food cooking, soaking in a hot bath, having crisp clean bedding, nabbing a bargain, dancing the night away, Netflix binges, having things to look forward to, booking an adventure, having a lie me, these are the things that life is all about.

I'm no good to anyone if I don't make some time to do the things I love, no matter how small they are. 
I'm determined to keep on making the time to do more of whatever makes me happy, whether that's planning a non-stop busy weekend with friends, or relaxing on the sofa in my onesie.

So this weekend whether you're sleeping off the hangover, pottering around, eating your body weight in easter eggs or doing nothing at all, as long as it makes you happy it's all good.
I plan to spend the rest of my weekend having a massive spring clean and having some puppy cuddles, as well as planning my next adventure, wherever that may be.

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How have you spent your Bank Holiday weekend?



  1. We have the same plans for this weekend, I'm gonna be doing some spring cleaning that I've been putting off for awhile and then plan my next adventures because I really need some new scenery. :D


    1. aww, nothing like planning an adventure!

      Lucy x

  2. Hope you had a wondeful Easter hun, you are so right - it is all about the little things in life xxxx

    1. thanks lovely, hope you did too! Little things often end up being the big things.

      Lucy x


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