Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Story of a Photo / #VantagePoint

One of my greatest passions in life is photography. 
When I say photography, I don't profess to be an expert or in any way a professional, but merely that the feeling it gives me is almost like no other. 
I love to see the beauty in almost anything.

For me, photographs evoke memories in a way that nothing else can. How many times have you looked at a photo and been instantly transported back to that moment in time that you pressed the shutter?
When I look back through my photographs I can remember how I felt at that moment, I can remember the weather that day, and even the smells that led me to want to capture that moment on film forever.
Photography is a hobby, it brings me pleasure and makes me feel alive.

Following on from this, the other passion in my life is travel, and one of the greatest things for me about getting to see new places is being able to capture them on my camera and treasure the memory forever. I was recently introduced to Light, a new company with a small camera that hopes to change the photography world, and their #VantagePoint project.

Which leads me on to the story of my photo. I think in life we all find that special 'happy place' where you truly feel like you're home, even if you're technically thousands of miles away from that place you call home.
Nice, in the South of France, is my spiritual home. It's the place where my dreams are made, where I feel like the best version of myself and where I breathe a sigh of happiness when I feel the plane wheels hit the ground.
Every year I'm lucky enough to travel there, and when I'm not there I feel almost like a piece of me is missing. 

This particular photograph was taken on the 6th March 2015. It was a cold and dreary March back at home but in Nice as ever the sun was shining, and the air was warm. We had had an early morning flight and had made our familiar way from the airport that now almost feels like second nature. As we were sitting at our favourite cafe on the Promenade des Anglais breathing in the fresh air, I looked to my left and the familiar, yet still magnificent view took my breath away. Despite having my DSLR with me (Canon 600D ), I reached for my iPhone and just took a quick snap. I didn't particularly compose the picture, or intentionally frame it, I just took a picture that right there and then summed up the view I could see and the happiness I felt. 
The sparkle of the sun on the water, the cornflower blue sky, the shadows on the ground of the promenade structure, and the locals going about their everyday lives.

And there we have it. Is this technically the best photograph I've ever taken? Probably not, no. But in terms of how happy I felt at the moment I took it, how happy I feel every time I see it, and how happy I feel right now as I write about it?

Do you have special memories associated with a photograph?


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