Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Kikki K Compendium

I've always been a big fan of stationary, when I was younger I remember there being no feeling like the excitement of going to choose my new pencil case and school bag for the beginning of term, and the night before laying them all out neatly, with my pens and pencils tidily inside.
As an adult I'm not quite so obsessed, but I still love stationary and I'm forever picking up new notebooks (I love starting a fresh new notebook) so of course Kikki K is a huge temptation for me constantly. For work I mostly spend my time going from meeting to meeting, and bundling my pens, notebooks, paperwork and phone into a messy pile as I jump into the car; so I decided I definitely needed a new planner in my life to keep everything together.

This textured leather compendium proved to be exactly what I was looking for; it's A5 sized so there's plenty of room for all my work odds and ends, and the lovely blush pink colour is just a dream. I love the pretty notebook inside, and the gold touches finish it off perfectly. 
As with everything else from Kikki K, it arrived packaged beautifully and I'm already excited to sort all my work pieces out and start using it.

Are you a stationary fan?


  1. I'm a huge fan of stationary! I love this esp the color :)


    1. The colour is gorgeous isn't it :)

      Lucy x

  2. I love stationary so much, this is beautiful

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. I fell in love with straight away, I love pretty stationary!

      Lucy x


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