Sunday, 12 June 2016

Voltaire Vegan Restaurant

Here in North Wales we're blessed with a lot of really nice places to eat, but at the same time it's rare to have something totally different open. 
So when I heard that a new vegan restaurant called Voltaire had opened, I couldn't wait to get myself down there to try it. I've eaten vegan food before and found it to be a bit bland and uninspiring, but the menu at Voltaire caught my eye with tasty options like curry and burritos.

The decor is cool and quirky; clashing red and pink paint, exposed lighting and black and white photos adorning the walls. When we walked in there was low music and candles burning on the tables, which really helped to make it a cool, relaxed and welcoming environment.

The menu has plenty of choice, including mains and tapas. There's no alcohol licence so you can bring your own bottle, we didn't know this but we'd definitely do that in future. I had a latte and B had a orange & mango juice while we perused the menu.

We both opted for a starter and a main; I was tempted by the Crazy Bandito platter but the waitress advised me that it's pretty big if you're also having a starter. I'm not usually one to be deterred by too much food but I'm glad I heeded her advice as the portions were big and the food really filling.
I had the creamy mushrooms with rustic bread which was out of this world delicious, and B had the quesadilla which he loved. For our mains I had the 9 bean chilli and B the platter (the waitress was right, it WAS huge, and he felt like he might explode by the end so god knows how I'd have fared!) The food was amazing, really tasty and packed full of flavour. If I had it again I'd probably opt for no tortilla bowl as I found it slightly too heavy for me, but it was still really enjoyable.

I really wanted a pudding but couldn't fit one in, so that'll have to go on the list for next time!
I'd definitely recommend Voltaire, and in fact have been back a few times since for lunch (jacket potato) or just a drink.
It's a really quirky, cool restaurant and I think I'm going to end up being a regular!

Do you like vegan food?


  1. This looks really good and the platter looks huge but definitely something I'd like to try. I've never been to an all vegan restaurant but I totally would.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. It's really nice, i was surprised at how tasty vegan food can be! I think I had an idea before I went that it would be bland but not at all!

      Lucy x


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