Friday, 18 November 2016

Date Night Dressing With Adore Me

Over the last few years, date nights have become a thing, with more and more people opting to have regular romantic nights out/in. As a singleton, sadly there are few and far between for me at the moment (unless eating chocolate next to my dog counts) but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead and think about that eternal dilemma : what do I wear?!

For me, comfort is key. And I don't mean tracksuit comfort, I just mean wearing something that makes you feel both sexy and also your best, no one wants to feel self conscious on a date. In my opinion that means keeping it simple: skinny jeans, killer heels and a pretty top that shows off just the right amount of skin while still remaining classy (and like you haven't spent the past few hours agonising over your outfit and throwing every item you own across the floor.)
An outfit like that always makes me feel put together and glam, while also being practical in that I don't have to spend half the night pulling my dress down or wishing I'd worn something that covered my cleavage...

And as we all know, what you have on underneath is really important too. 
I always feel like a total girl boss when I have pretty underwear on that matches! I've been browsing Adore Me* and they have the prettiest intimates! Sadly they don't ship to the UK at the moment, so I think I'll just be lusting over them from afar while busily pinning! I really love the embellished backs, luxe lace and the unusual colour combinations!

What are your date night staples?

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