Friday, 21 October 2011

Barcelona Mini Break

Well the reason I've been rather quiet lately is because I went on holiday to Barcelona to stay with a friend who's recently moved there, and ended up being really unwell with blood poisoning!!

Not to dwell on it too much but I was taken into hospital and kept in as a precaution for 3 nights. I've now witnessed first hand how hard medical staff work, but I'm hoping its not an experience I'll have to repeat any time soon! 

Anyway, back to something more cheerful :)

It was my first time visiting Barcelona and I loved it. It's a very vibrant city and the architecture is so interesting and unique. We did all the typical touristy Gaudi things, like Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, and to the top of Monserrat in a cable car. 

We did non-stop walking, I was absolutely shattered when I got back. 

I've been signed off work and am on crutches :( Spent my birthday in bed for the first time ever, but in all honesty I could have spent it in hospital so I'm grateful for that. Went out for a quiet family dinner, and I did have a crayola themed night out planned (yes, really!) but that's been postponed until next weekend when I'm off the crutches and putting my dancing shoes back on! Can't wait!

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