Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Morocco Weekend - Marrakech

Just had the privilege of spending a few days in Morocco. I'm overwhelmed, it is such an incredibly beautiful country!

We went for 4 nights and managed to cram quite a lot in in that time. We did a camel ride (mine was called Fatima, but two of the others were Madonna and Michael Jordan - awesome!)

It was an amazing experience, we trekked for around 3 hours and they're such placid, gentle animals.

That afternoon we went to the Majorelle Garden which were made famous by Yves Saint Laurent. Everything is painted in a beautiful vivid blue which is actually known as Majorelle Blue. It was stunning!

The next day we did a city bus tour which was fascinating, the city has so much history and culture, everything has so much attention to detail. 

Other highlights included shopping (and haggling!) in the souks, drinking mint tea and sampling the DELICIOUS food, meeting new people on the tour and having lunch with them at Dar Nejjarine(where Hitchcock filmed 'The Man Who Knew Too Much') and the hotel breakfast which was served on the rooftop terrace and the omelettes were just out of this world!!

On the last night we treated ourselves to some cocktails at the La Mamounia,which is the most luxurious hotel in Marrakech and where various presidents and heads of state have stayed. It was really sumptuous and had an timeless air about it. We had an old Fashioned and a Sidecar - we couldn't afford more than one each as alcohol isn't served freely due to it being a Muslim country, so if you do want to drink you have to be prepared to pay slightly over the odds.

Well worth it though - I'm just in love with the place! On my wishlist to return for sure!!

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