Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's Eve

Firstly, I hate NYE. Now I've got that cheerful fact out of the way....

Despite the fact I find New Year's Eve overrated and always an anticlimax, it's a good excuse to glam up so I usually go out. But we don't tend to do anything very exciting because it's always really expensive. So instead my plan is the same as every year - a group of us will go to the pub and see the new year in with a few cocktails. 

I've ditched the sparkles this year and instead have opted for velvet. I bought this draped playsuit from Lavish Alice over the summer because I had been looking for a "winter" playsuit with long sleeves for the cold weather, I love playsuits and they're always my go-to outfit, but most of mine are quite thin and skimpy. 

It's a slightly different style for me to wear as I favour fitted clothes usually, but I quite like it for a change and I know it'll keep me warm. It was also a bargain as I bought it before velvet became the must have fabric! 

Whatever you end up doing I hope it's a good one! 

Happy New Year and see you in 2015! 


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 - The Highlights

So it's nearly the end of the year, and so I thought I would do a quick round up of my highlights of what 2014 has brought.

Apologies in advance that this blog is rather photo heavy!

My brother got married in January (nearly a year ago already!) and it was such a beautiful, emotional day. It was lovely to see him marrying the love of his life and they had a small, very intimate ceremony. I had the pleasure of being bridesmaid and it was just a wonderful day! 

In February I had a weeks holiday in Nice, which is my favourite place in the whole world and somewhere I go every year with my mum. I haven't blogged about it much, but it's definitely my spiritual home.

In April I went to an old friends wedding, and it was a perfect day. The weather was glorious, the Venue was stunning and I got to see Ben in a suit ;)

In May, Ben and I had a wonderful mini break glamping in a yurt in the Peak District, which I wrote a blog about at the time. It was definitely one of my highlights, it was absolutely idyllic, and we made memories I'll never forget.

In June, I had a lovely visit from my friend which was much overdue. We soaked up the sun, drank cocktails and put the world to rights.

July was festival month! I went to 3 festivals and had a fantastic month in the sun with friends. Ben and I also celebrated our first anniversary on the 24th which was special.

August was wedding month! I went to 3 weddings (and was bridesmaid at 2 of them!) and so many lovely memories were made, and so many positive wishes for the future.

A few fun things happened in September such as Ben's birthday and a Georgian themed birthday party (yes really!)  but the highlight of the month for me was our holiday in Cornwall, a whole week together in our lodge with the beach a stones throw away was just perfect.

October was a busy birthday month for me, I was well and truly spoilt by friends and family and definitely started my new year in style!

In November I was lucky enough to go on 2 short breaks (my wanderlust was crying out for me to go somewhere) and both holidays were lovely and relaxing, and best of all I saw lots of new things.

December is nearly always one of my favourite months because of my love of Christmas and all things festive! It's always lovely to wind down with family and eat, drink and be merry.

So I hope you have all had a great year, as long may it continue into the next one :) 
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