Friday, 26 September 2014

Liverpool Haul - Lush and Pull & Bear Goodies

Had an amazing day shopping today. I haven't had the chance to have a proper look around the shops for a while because I've been so busy, so it was long overdue.

I've been after a pair of casual black ankle boots for ages now. I have loads of boots but I usually end up buying either brown ones, or knee high black ones. I found a lovely pair in Pull & Bear that not only look really cool and stylish, they have just the right size heel to keep them casual (although you could obviously dress them up too) and they're super comfy.

While I was in the store I also snapped up a sleeveless check turquoise and black shirt. I'm planning on wearing it with black skinny jeans and my new ankle boots :)

I then went to Lush and treated myself to some goodies. I LOVE Lush, I could spend all day in there! If I had the money to buy literally everything in there I would. I bought 'Marilyn' which is a blonde colour treatment, my hair is coloured and after a while it has a habit of going a little bit brassy. Hopefully this will freshen it up in between trips to the hairdresser. I also bought 'Big' - the girl in the shop recommended this for volume as I have fine hair and really struggle to get any volume unless I back comb. It smells absolutely divine so can't wait to give it a go! Has anyone else used it? If not, what do you use/recommend for fine hair?


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  1. I'm a sucker for Lush too! Love the boots :) x


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