Monday, 27 October 2014

My Big Three Oh Birthday Bonanza

Hip hip hooray!

Well, it's been an incredibly busy month for celebrating my birthday, I know, a birthday month right?! But as it was my big three-oh I was determined to push the boat out and thankfully I had some lovely friends & family more than happy to help me out do just that.

First celebration was quad biking, something I had never tried before and thought would be fun. It certainly was fun once I got the hang of it, aside from the fact I completely banked the quad in a muddy ditch and had to wave my arms around like an idiot to get the instructors to come rescue me! I guess thats what you have to expect when for your very first time you embark on an hour long "quad safari"

The highlight has to be us channeling our inner mechanics in these fetching boiler suits! 

Next up was the big one - the official girls night out! All I knew about this was that it was going to be in Liverpool and consist of an "adventurous" day activity followed by a night out. 

My balloon filled chariot arrived to take us and we ended up at Aerial Extreme in Knowsley Safari Park! Definitely not for the faint hearted! I was TERRIFIED!! Waaaah! Still, it was a brilliant experience and I was more than ready for the cocktails that night!

We ate in Maray on Bold Street, and I just can't say enough good things about it. It's a lovely newly opened bar/restaurant tucked away on a side street, so it's small and intimate while still being lively and atmospheric. It's cool too - lots of exposed brickwork, good music and their cocktail menu is to die for! My friends know me so well! Food wise, the meals are served on metal camping dishes and give the impression of being quite small portions, but they're surprisingly satisfying. I love my food but hate feeling uncomfortably full, especially before a night out. So for me the potions were just right. I had grilled halloumi with roast vegetable cous cous, and a side of sweet potato wedges. The food prices are fantastic too. 

The rest of the night was great fun, more cocktails, dancing and larking around in our Disney face masks, before piling in a taxi with our greasy chips and back to the motel for bed! We stayed in Sheil Suites, practical for a base and a place to sleep, but if you're expecting luxury and comfort, perhaps look elsewhere.

Finally, this weekend just gone was mine and Ben's weekend! He had also booked a surprise, so we had a 2 night stay in a lovely little seaside hotel with a cracking breakfast. We went to the cinema to see Fury (wow - recommended, so powerful. Really makes you think), had a gorgeous meal in Osborne House and then the rest of the time was spent eating or drinking! We went to the the local food festival (Conwy Feast) which was bursting with local small businesses telling their wares. Always great to load up on samples and see what there is to offer.

So it looks like Autumn is well underway now and it's my favourite season. Time for all the seasonal activities to start as well as lots of cosy nights in, I can't wait. 

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