Sunday, 23 November 2014

A Pretty Autumn Walk

Where's the time going?!

I can't believe its December this week already. Christmas is coming up really quickly!

I've had a lovely week, went for a long walk on Sunday with Ben here - it's a stately home with amazing gardens, fountains and a the remains of a Roman amphitheatre! It's definitely worth a visit, it was especially pretty with all the autumn colours.

My woollen leggings were actually on my clear out pile! But as they're nice and cosy I decided to salvage them. I bought them from Primark a few years ago. I wore them with River Island boots, a plain black top, and my beanie and leather jacket from Zara.

There was a Christmas fayre on too with loads of local food, drinks and crafts. We had some mulled wine and saw reindeer too!

Last night I went out for a lovely family meal, had a really nice evening and plenty of yummy cocktails of course!


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sprucing Up with Dunelm Mill

I've been having a big clear out this week, love de-cluttering my life! I've amassed such a lot of junk over the last few years, I really needed to have an overhaul of everything and feng shui my life.

I can't afford to make all the improvements I'd like to (I wish!) but a few small touches have brightened things up! 

I bought these lovely cushions from Dunelm Mill for £14.99 each, they're really soft and cosy and the colour goes nicely with my colour scheme.

I've also got a new coffee table from IKEA, I'm loving the glass top! All the more room for my Christmas tat decorations ;)


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Costa Festive Drinks

Christmas is my favourite time of year. In fact, I could swear I'm on Christmas countdown from January every year! While I love the summer for the long light evenings and bright sunny mornings, it's the crisp Autumn/Winter weather that's my ultimate favourite. I know Winter in the UK is usually pretty wet and dreary, but there's something about Christmas that seems to make that all OK, even if it isn't the snow covered Christmas card scene we all hope for every year.

One of the perks of the season for me, as silly as it sounds,  is the Costa Christmas drinks. I get ridiculously excited for them, and have been on tenterhooks waiting for them to start selling them this year! I just love them, I would drink one every day if I could! Another thing I love about them is the cute Christmas themed cups, it makes taking out your drinks way more fun than drinking in!

I haven't had the chance to sample quite as many up to now as I usually do, but I have squeezed in a cheeky Black Forest hot chocolate and an orange hot chocolate - both beyond delicious!

I cant wait for my next one! I've got a long journey to do today so I'll definitely be picking one up on the way!

But what to have?!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Little Winter Break in Palma

A bit late blogging, but I've just got back from a few days mini break to Palma, so thought I'd share :)

It was quite a last minute decision, and at this time of year it's difficult to find somewhere with sun. Spain seemed a safe option, and Palma sounded nice because it's a city so you get the combination of culture, but also the slower pace of life you get from a beach holiday.

We arrived on Sunday night and our room - which was a suite - was huge! We had a front facing room with views overlooking the marina, which was even pretty at night.

As we were only there for 2 full days, we had to plan so we could get the most out of it. We chose to go on a city bus tour, I always enjoy these as you're being driven firstly by someone who knows their way (always a help!) but you also get a nice overview of the area. Plus you can get off at the places you fancy and remain on the bus for those bits that dont interest you.

We visited the cathedral which was largely designed by Gaudi. I'm not the biggest fan of architecture and my knowledge is limited, but having been to Barcelona and seeing his incredibly unique style, I've since become a fan. The cathedral was breathtaking, definitely worth the 3€ to visit.

Lunch was pizza and wine both of the days we were there, the first sitting outside in the sun, the second under a canopy watching the rain POUR. Cocktails aplenty were also on the menu (a lot) 

We did some shopping and I wanted everything, not helped by the fact that two of my fave shops (Zara and Pull & Bear) are both Spanish, so I just knew I'd be tempted! I fell in love with the most beautiful black cashmere beanie from Zara, but no matter how much I reasoned with myself I just couldn't justify it. So instead I snapped up a black beanie instead, as well as this maroon one as I really liked the colour.

Finally, my hidden jem was definitely this little beauty of a place called The Boat House, it's done in a very "British" modern beach bar style, all whitewashed wood, shells and squashy cushions. It was just beautiful. We went both days, the first night for a cocktail in the outside bar which was like a tiki hut decorated with fairy lights (I'm a sucker for design) and the on the second evening we had food- I really wanted to have some local tapas while we were there, so we had gazpacho, grilled prawns on mallorcan garlic rock salt and chicken wings (not quite so traditional!) all washed down with a jug of sangria. We ended the night at the Cappucino bar with another fabulous cocktail, Aviation (possibly my new favourite - gin, violet liquor and lemon juice) 

It was so relaxing and peaceful (probably as it was november) and I was so gutted to be leaving!

We flew - Ryanair
We stayed- TRYP Palma Bellver Hotel


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumn Musings

My favourite time of the day is bedtime, when I can put on my pj's, light some candles and have some 'me' time, whether its to catch up on some TV, read, or just write lists and get organised. I tend to find I'm quite alert at this time of night (not great when I have to be up early for work!) and because I'm usually feeling so productive I can do most of my planning and sorting.

So far I'm having a lovely relaxed start to the season. We've carved our pumpkins, seen some fireworks, and now Christmas shopping is well underway. I've been particularly organised this year and I'm already nearly done. I love buying gifts, sounds cheesy but I much prefer that part than receiving them! Although obviously I won't ever say no ;)

I love the dark evenings, where you can put on your cosy pj's/onesie, fill the room with scented candles (still got all my Yankee Candle's on the go!), have a hot drink and totally relax. You don't feel so much that there's somewhere else you need to be, or that you're not taking full advantage of the weather. There's nothing better than being cosy and warm inside the house and being able to chill out completely.
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