Sunday, 16 November 2014

Costa Festive Drinks

Christmas is my favourite time of year. In fact, I could swear I'm on Christmas countdown from January every year! While I love the summer for the long light evenings and bright sunny mornings, it's the crisp Autumn/Winter weather that's my ultimate favourite. I know Winter in the UK is usually pretty wet and dreary, but there's something about Christmas that seems to make that all OK, even if it isn't the snow covered Christmas card scene we all hope for every year.

One of the perks of the season for me, as silly as it sounds,  is the Costa Christmas drinks. I get ridiculously excited for them, and have been on tenterhooks waiting for them to start selling them this year! I just love them, I would drink one every day if I could! Another thing I love about them is the cute Christmas themed cups, it makes taking out your drinks way more fun than drinking in!

I haven't had the chance to sample quite as many up to now as I usually do, but I have squeezed in a cheeky Black Forest hot chocolate and an orange hot chocolate - both beyond delicious!

I cant wait for my next one! I've got a long journey to do today so I'll definitely be picking one up on the way!

But what to have?!

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