Sunday, 9 November 2014

Autumn Musings

My favourite time of the day is bedtime, when I can put on my pj's, light some candles and have some 'me' time, whether its to catch up on some TV, read, or just write lists and get organised. I tend to find I'm quite alert at this time of night (not great when I have to be up early for work!) and because I'm usually feeling so productive I can do most of my planning and sorting.

So far I'm having a lovely relaxed start to the season. We've carved our pumpkins, seen some fireworks, and now Christmas shopping is well underway. I've been particularly organised this year and I'm already nearly done. I love buying gifts, sounds cheesy but I much prefer that part than receiving them! Although obviously I won't ever say no ;)

I love the dark evenings, where you can put on your cosy pj's/onesie, fill the room with scented candles (still got all my Yankee Candle's on the go!), have a hot drink and totally relax. You don't feel so much that there's somewhere else you need to be, or that you're not taking full advantage of the weather. There's nothing better than being cosy and warm inside the house and being able to chill out completely.

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