Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas Movies

Feeling festive today!

What's your favourite Christmas film?

Mine is easy - Home Alone (closely followed by Home Alone 2!) There's something about those films that evokes memories of childhood, as a kid it didn't feel like Christmas until I'd watched it. When I went to New York a few years ago, I found myself checking off places I'd seen in the film! (And yes, I did do a walk through of the Plaza Hotel! Different reception though...)

I also love Elf, it's definitely one of the more recent Christmas classics. 
Quite a few of the newer Christmas films haven't quite hit the mark for me, I do like the classics. 

As a child my favourite was Santa Claus The Movie. My brother and I would always watch it on Christmas Eve :)

This year I want to watch some of the old classics like White Christmas and Holiday Inn, it sounds really trite but I like the sentiment in the old films, where it really was just about being the season of goodwill. I bought them from Tesco for about £3 a couple of year ago so a lazy afternoon in front of the TV is needed I think.

Happy film-ing! 


  1. Haha I love Elf! I actually want to rewatch Rise of the Guardians. The grinch used to scare me as a kid ha.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. I dont think I've ever heard of Rise of the Guardians! The Grinch book used to creep me out a little but I like the film. I haven't watched ANY Christmas movies this year so far!! Need to get on it

  2. I love Christmas movies! My favourite has the be The Santa Claus with Tim Allen. Me and my family watch it every year :)

    1. Ooh yeah that's another classic! I remember watching that on Christmas Day :)


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