Monday, 15 December 2014

My Make Up Bag

I don't very often blog about make up products as I know there are many many blogs out there that are much more knowledgeable on the subject.

But I love make up and have been experimenting with it since I was about 11, so over the years I've built up some firm favourites. With that in mind I though I'd do a little walk through of my make up bag.

Highlighter - I've used a few different ones, I used to love 'that gal' by Benefit, but I didn't find the coverage that amazing. Now I use this one by Smashbox, I like the consistency too.

Foundation - again I think this is luck of the draw. I've been using Chanel for about 2 years now, it's on the pricey side but it's worth it as not only do you only have to use a small amount so it lasts ages, but also it's the best I've found for coverage and it's not sticky or greasy at all. I don't have the best skin, I've suffered with acne most of my life.

Concealer - for week days I use this Maxfactor Pan Stick which is really, well a pan stick, but I'd find it too thick to put all over my face. For going out I use touché éclat.

Bronzer - I've just started using this one from Autograph at M&S and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Blusher - I use Benefit (at the moment from 'Celebutante' palette) and I've used it for a while. I have a nice Body Shop one too for going out, but it's a little too shimmery for every day wear.

Eyeshadow - I'm not fussy when it comes to eyeshadow. I use the same palette as I do for blusher, but I also have a great green one that I got as a Christmas present from Tesco. I have loads of Barry M powders too, but I don't use them quite as often these days.

Eyeliner - now this is my ultimate 'desert island' product. I couldn't be without eyeliner, it's the one thing I always wear even on a non make up day. This Smashbox one has been a godsend, I love it. It's not too thick and it doesn't drag (my pet peeve!)

Mascara - unfortunately I haven't been blessed with lovely long lashes, I have to wear falsies for nights out. But I do like a good mascara thats not too difficult to get off and isn't clumpy. I've tried all the more expensive brands in the hope it would miraculously transform my lashes (wishful thinking!) but now I'm quite happy with this cheap one from Primark. I'm reluctant to spend too much because it never makes much difference, and when I'm wearing false lashes you can't really tell anyway.

Lips - I'm usually just a slick of lipgloss kinda girl, but occasionally I will wear a colour. I have a couple of lipsticks, but I don't have the confidence to wear them thickly, I always end up blotting to make them more subtle. The dark one is by Dior and I got it in duty free last summer. I love it but it is quite a strong look so I don't wear it all that often.

What's in your beauty bags?

It's odd how much tastes change, some of the things I used to think were fashionable are now things I wouldn't be caught dead wearing! Funny isn't it?! What were your worst beauty trends? Mine was probably very pale lips with a purple hue (corpse bride anyone?!) and very bright sparkly eyeshadow always up to my eyebrow!! Cringe.



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