Friday, 9 January 2015

100 Day No Spend - Week One

So, to anyone who like me, has signed up to do the 100 Day No Spend Challenge, the first working week is OVER!

I've been putting aside £1 a day so far as an incentive and now I have my first fiver all ready and saved for the day this hell ends and I can hit the shops!!

I've been off work this week and have resisted temptation to online shop which has been difficult, but also looking at the masses of unworn outfits surrounding me has helped me hold off.
I've sorted out a few things to put on eBay, and cleared out 2 bags of clothes/handbags and 14 pairs of shoes to give to charity, so I'm already feeling a little lighter!

How are you all getting on?! 



  1. I realised that I am kind of doing this or I sort of need to since money is going to be super tight for a while. Keep up the good work! haha
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. This is great of you! As a former shopaholic I definitely feel your pain but I love when you've cleared things out and feel lighter :)

    1. Great feeling isn't it! I already feel better!


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