Friday, 23 January 2015

New Year New Me?!

Well, I finally got off my bum and decided to have a good go at starting my fitness training. And I have to say, I can almost see why people think exercise is addictive....almost! I got myself all whipped up to do it, and even though I found it an absolute killer, the positive mindset seems to be helping as I've been looking forward to my next session rather than dreading it!

It's made me realise how dreadfully unfit I am though, which isn't good. Whether it's because it's been so long since I did any proper exercise, or the cold weather (0 degrees, hello), or age, or the fact I've only just recovered from a bug... I don't know. It may even be a combination of all those things, but needless to say I'm determined to try, even if I end up giving up! 

I'm very lucky living where I do, and I've had some amazing views to look at while running! That sunset was worth the embarrassment of trudging along past the same people, breathing extremely heavily!

As was this sunrise:

had my hot stone massage after work tonight, and it was amazing! Just what I needed, so relaxing and I felt really rejuvenated afterwards. It's definitely brightened up my Thursday.

Tomorrow I'm having HD brows, I'm slightly nervous as I'm not sure what to expect and am hoping they won't be too dark. I'll post some before and after photos once they're done to show the difference.

Have you had HD brows? How are you getting on with any training goals you had for this new year?

Have a good week!



  1. I'm shamefully unfit too! It's so discouraging isn't it? It's so hard to be motivated to work out when you are left huffing and puffing and feeling like you are going to throw up (just 5 minutes in!). I've never had HD brows, I do want to get my brows done, they are dreadful right now.

    1. It is disheartening, because you get put off exercising because you're afraid of feeling awful the next time too! I'm hoping it'll get easier slowly!

  2. Honestly, I really want to get fit, but I just don't like working out. It's also extremely cold outside :(. But I will hopefully work-out tomorrow :). I have never had HD brows, so I am looking forward to hear about your experience!

    X Marjolein

    1. It is so cold! I've been bad tonight and skipped a session! But I'll get back on it next week :) new blog post about brows up now!

      Lucy x

  3. Go you...I'm still working away with my yoga but I need to add in some cardio which I'm really dreading cos I know it's going to feel like I'm dying! Sounds like you're doing really well, keep up the good work!

    Jane | Queen Jane Approximately

    1. Thank you! I wussed out of running last night because of the weather! Oops! Go you with the yoga too, I've always wanted to give that a go!


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