Monday, 26 January 2015

Review: Lush 'Unicorn Horn' Bubble Bar

This has been on my wish list from the moment I saw it. I've seen it on so many blogs and I decided that my very unsubtle hints to Ben for Valentines Day just weren't strong eventually I gave in and just bought it myself when I popped into Lush to get something else entirely.

Its just so pretty to look at, the colours make me want to revert back to being a child and legitimately still be able to watch My Little Pony and Care Bears all day! I'm always attracted to colour and the bright candy pastel shades with the added stars just proved too much for me. I had to get it.

I've been so eager to try it ever since I got it, I was imagining my bath being filled with multicoloured swirls of bubbles and froth but I think maybe I had expectations that could never be met! Instead it was a lovely pale lilac colour and smelt of lavender, perfect for a bath just before bed.

It's nice and bubbly, and the smell is just so relaxing. It's as good as I hoped, and if Ben does happen to buy me it anyway, I certainly won't be saying no to a second one.



  1. I haven't had a chance to check these out yet.I bet it smells gorgeous! I've done well not buying any lush products for a while but I love the sound of this!

    1. I've been on a bit of a spending ban lately and have been using up old bath bombs I still had, but after seeing these i just couldn't resist! Smells lovely!

      Lucy x


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