Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Skincare Routine

As I've always suffered from problem skin, I got to thinking about the products I use while I was doing my bedtime routine.
It's taken me a long time to find products that I really feel make a difference to my skin, and I really have tried hundreds
So I decided to stop wasting money on expensive products and try and get to the root of the problem.
I went to a dermatology clinic a year ago for a consultation and booked in for a salicylic acid peel (which is genuinely as scary as it sounds!) and after a course of 3 I noticed an improvement in my skin texture, acne scarring and overall complexion. So I shopped around for some new products and these are what I feel have stood the test of time:

St Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub - Sensitive
I don't really exfoliate as often as I should, and after my skin peel I had to be really careful with scrubs full stop, but I really do like this one. It's gentle and effective, smells gorgeous, and reminds me of Cornwall every time I use it (which makes me happy, haha)  

Waitrose Pure Cleansing Wash
This is a new addition to my skincare routine (I wrote a review on this range last week) but it's very good. I was using a similar cleanser to this before, and I always try and go for a gentle product for the morning because my nighttime one is not so gentle.

Waitrose Pure Gentle Toner
I've been using this for ages now and it's no-frills but gets the job done. I've liked it so much that it inspired me to try the rest of the Pure range, and so far, so good. Also included in the photo is the Waitrose Pure Eye Make Up Remover.

Dermaquest Beta Hydroxy Cleanser
Now this badboy is the kingpin of my skincare routine; it has a hefty price tag but has dried my skin out (in a positive way) so much. In order to have the acid peel, I had to prep my skin with this product for 2 weeks beforehand, and also during the recovery process. Man it stung! But it's an amazing cleanser, I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since I bought this, by drying out my skin it reduces sebum, which in turn makes my skin so much less oily and blemish prone.

Lanocréme Reviving Night Cream
This lovely night cream sinks into my skin leaving it feeling soft and nourished. It contains manuka honey and is made in New Zealand, I love it. I also have the Day Cream (not pictured) and it never makes my skin feel oily or greasy. 

Lanocréme Nourishing Eye Cream
Finally I pop on some of this eye cream from the same range, I've only recently got into the routine of using an eye cream regularly, I think when you're younger it doesn't really seem like an essential, but now I want to keep aging at bay for as long as I can!

I hope you like my skincare routine. What products do you swear by?
And if you've ever had problem skin, have you tried any of the products I use? 


  1. I like the sound of the dermaquest stuff. I really need to do something about my skin. I don't know what is breaking me out. I'm using liz Earle at the moment and the condition of my skin is better I just need to tackle the blemishes now

    1. I was using Liz Earle and they're products are lovely, they just didn't have enough of an effect on my blemishes, dermaquest is really good, I guess it's a little harsh maybe, but its cleared my skin up a lot.

  2. I always love to see what other people use. My skin has been a huge problem for so many years, but since I get treatments and use other products it has been getting better! The Dermaquest cleanser looks amazing, so I might look into that! :)

    X Marjolein

    1. I saw your post the other day and tried to reply, my skin has always bothered me too, but after using dermaquest i even feel confident enough to not wear foundation to go out, I just need to work on the scarring now!

      Lucy x

  3. The apricot scrub is always a favourite, it's so good. I definitely need to get myself an eye cream, I always get the worst brown bags under my eyes! Ugh!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. I just love the smell! Yeah I'm the same with bags, hoping the cream will zap them!

      Lucy x


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