Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Review: Waitrose 'Pure' Range

I've always been quite selective when it comes to skincare, because my skin errs on the side of sensitive, I tend to not buy products that are too strongly scented or have abrasive contents. I do like high end products, but for every day use I don't really believe in spending out because unlike makeup, with skincare you can usually get what you need without the hefty price tag.

I've had the toner from the 'Pure' range for ages now (not pictured) and I liked it. Having said that, toner isn't one of my essential products, maybe it should be, but because of that I rarely spend much on it.

So with that in mind I decided to have a bit of a haul while I was in Waitrose and picked up these bits; eye make up remover, cleansing wash and facial oil. 

The packaging, although plain (as the title suggests I guess) is a lot nicer than it was around the time I first picked up the toner. They're also very cheaply priced, especially for Waitrose.

Waitrose Pure Eye Make Up Remover £1.99

This is gentle and doesn't sting, gets make up (including mascara) off quickly and easily, and leaves your eyes feeling non stingy or red. 

Waitrose Pure Cleansing Wash £1.99

Although I prefer products with a nice smell, for the money this is good and again it's gentle on my skin and doesn't leave it feeling tight.

Waitrose Pure Facial Oil £2.99

I've never used a facial oil before so I can't make a comparison, but this is nice and not too heavy or greasy. Once I've been using it for longer I'll be able to say more accurately whether it's made any lasting difference to my skin. 

In terms of additive free products, I don't really like Simple all that much so these are a definite improvement. They're not really a luxury product, but for the money I'm really impressed. Effective and budget friendly. 

Have you ever used these Waitrose products? What are your thoughts? 


  1. I have sensitive skin, too! This stuff looks great. Lovely blog! www.dressdynamic.blogspot.com : @dressdynamicdallas IG : @anotherusestore Twittter


    1. I'd definitely recommend! I really like them!

      Lucy x


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