Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sephora Haul - France

While I was in France, I had to make a pitstop to Sephora.
I can only visit Sephora when I'm on holiday, so I always like to pop in and have a browse.

(Side note: how annoying can Sephora staff be sometimes?! I must have been swooped on 15 times in a half hour visit, and don't even get me started on the perils of accidentally opening a non-tester palette just to look at it. Jeez)

Anyway, rant over! 

There was literally so much I wanted, but I had to be reasonable so I refrained and mostly just window shopped. 
Of course there are the cosmetic staples I really would like to add to my collection, like an Urban Decay Naked palette, a Bobbi Brown colour brick and a NARS blusher, but they will all have to wait sadly.

bought Make Up Forever - High Definition Powder which was on offer for only €14. I've never really been a powder wearer so I'm hoping I get on ok with this. Already I notice I have less of a shine on my face.

Secondly, I bought Sephora HD Brow Palette  because I have HD brows and I have really noticed the difference using a brow palette makes. I couldn't quite justify £25 for the proper HD Brows Palette with all my other expenses, so I decided to have a go with this one, which was also €14. So far I'm really impressed with it, the spoolie and wax have made a big difference to my brows.

Do you have anything on your Sephora wish list? 


  1. I've never been to a Sephora but I'm desperate to have a look in one. I hate overbearing assistants, it makes me not want to buy anything so I think you did well managing to pick these up!

    1. I've only been to two, but they are amazing because they have literally everything, as well as their own brand stuff which is quite reasonably priced. No I don't either, in all honesty it put me off completely, I didn't go back for the rest of the weekend. They were just really ott and patronising!


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