Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Favourites - 1/4 Year Thoughts

Well, I know I'm echoing what probably everyone in the world is thinking right now but MAY?!?! How?!

Seems like only yesterday that it was January...seriously scary stuff. This year is going far too fast and it genuinely will be Christmas before we know it. 

Anyway, enough ramble, I don't really have any favourites to share this month as I've been a virtual saint and not really bought anything new! I have blogged about my Lush haul (loving all those items in fairness) but I haven't treated myself to any new products or clothes this month. In fact all I seem to have done this month is eat, drink too much, and chronically overthink! But, every day is a fresh start and I can hopefully adopt a more positive outlook next month and eat better/drink less.

Some yummy foods I've had this month:
(L-R: bacon & garlic mushrooms on toasted muffin with salad, fresh rainbow trout with yellow rice and salad, Moroccan lamb tagine, mini fish & chips)

And as usual, consuming my body weight in cocktails:
(L-R: girly cocktails in Shrewsbury, cocktails in Chester with Ben on our mini break, my friends birthday cocktail extravaganza, a French martini by the beach with my Mum on our walk last week)

Hope you had a productive month. May I hope brings some more sun, some more exercise, and some more positive thinking! 



  1. That looks amazing x

    Much Love | Trillu

  2. The bacon and garlic mushrooms look amazing! I don't think I've ever made a photographable meal in my life aha. I agree this year is going way too quickly, it's freaking me out!


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