Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sunny Church Bay

On Sunday me and some friends jumped in the car and headed off to explore as it was such a beautiful sunny day.

We headed to Church Bay, which is a beautiful little secluded bay, with a stunning coastline and lots of cliffs surrounding it. Shamefully I had never been before which I can't quite believe! 

We explored and clambered around for a while, and then headed towards the breakwater, which is in a port town about 5 miles away from Church Bay. Admittedly the area is certainly not the prettiest of places, but there are still some beautiful spots if you look a little deeper. We wandered towards the breakwater and along a coastal path past a derelict folly and castle, which would have been absolutely magnificent in its day, I hate seeing history just abandoned that way.

It was such a lovely day, I'm already fantasising about heading back to the beach with a BBQ and watching the sunset! I absolutely adore being outdoors in the good weather, and it felt good wiping the dust off my 600D and getting some non-phone photos for once! 

How did you spend your (hopefully) sunny weekend?  


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