Sunday, 26 April 2015

USpicy Make Up Brushes

I was in dire need of some new, good quality make up brushes, but didn't want to end up forking out a ridiculous amount of money for them.

I heard good things about USpicy brushes through the bloggersphere, and reviews I had also read from professional make up artists were largely positive. I looked on Amazon and I discovered that their 10 piece brush set was only £14.99 as opposed to £35.99. Bargain! 

I snapped up a set in white (they also do black) and I really like the look of the brushes with their gold tips. They also do a 6 piece set for £10.99.

The brushes arrived in a purple gift box, which immediately made the set look even more appealing and good value for money. They would also make a really nice gift for a friend.

The set contains - 

  •  flat brush
  •  tapered brush 
  •  flat angled brush 
  •  angled brush 
  •  round brush 
  •  precision flat brush 
  •  precision tapered brush 
  •  precision flat angled brush
  •  precision angled brush 
  • precision round brush 

I'm really looking forward to giving these brushes a go, they feel well made with good quality bristles for the price, I just can't justify spending an arm and a leg on Real Techniques or Charlotte Tilbury brushes, no matter how amazing they might be.  

Have you used USpicy brushes? 


  1. I bought some brushes like these, not the same brand they were from Amazon but they look identical and I love them. Little tip when washing them leave them out to dry on towel because they kinda take a long time to dry :) x x

    1. Thanks, I'll make sure I remember to do that, hate having to wait forever for them to dry!

      Lucy x

  2. These look gorgeous! I can't justify spending that much on brushes either, these look like a fab alternative :) x

  3. No way did you get all this for £15!!! That's amazing! I love the white and gold, they look so pretty. I'm definitely checking these out, I think this is my favourite bargain blogger find so far!

    1. I know, I ordered some immediately after reading about them on another blog! When I did my research I found so many good reviews, amazing value!

      Lucy x

  4. I hope that they are good! They look pretty cool.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination


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