Thursday, 30 July 2015

July Favourites

Well, its officially the end of July and we're more than halfway through the year now! I say this every month but I can't believe it!

Here's what I've been loving this month:

Fitness Apps

I've touched on this a few times, but I've been on a bit of a health kick over the last few months, and progress is still slow. But over the last 2 weeks I've upped my game and started taking it more seriously. I'm using these apps while I consider whether to buy a Fitbit Charge HR (Ben has one and swears by it) 
At the moment I'm monitoring my food through 'My Fitness Pal', keeping track of my steps with 'Pacer', upping my water intake with 'WaterBalance' and occasionally running with 'Couch to 5K'
* all of these are free through the App Store apart from 'Couch to 5K'

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick

I got this lipstick through Glossybox and I love it, its such a nice colour and consistency. It glides on really smoothly and leaves my lips feeling moisturised, plus the shade is ideal for daytime.

The Body Shop

I can't remember the last time I bought anything from The Body Shop, not for any reason, its just not my go-to place, although I've always liked their products. Ben bought me this set over a year ago for my birthday and I completely forgot about it! I haven't ever really liked the strawberry scent as it seemed too sweet, but now I'm using it I really really like it. 

Pretty Little Liars

This has made my favourites list before, and there's good reason why - its amazing! I've been watching it almost daily now for a couple of months. I did have a few weeks break from it because I waste so much time watching it. Anyway I'm half way through season 4 now and still have SO many unanswered questions.

Clark's Shoes

This definitely isn't something I could see myself writing up until recently, before then it was the higher the better. Maybe its an age thing but I think Clarks have some really lovely shoes in their latest range, and they're so comfortable. I keep seeing ones I want! I bought 4 pairs in the summer sale, and love them all for work.
(L-R) - Smart Deva Metallic - was £50 now £20, Susie Deva White - was £50 now £25, Hotel Image Leather Brogues - was £60 now £30, Risi Hop Coral Leather - was £40 now £20


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: Estée Lauder Pink Champagne Lipstick

I'm a bit late to the lipstick party. I mean, I've always dabbled in it on and off, but I've mostly used lip balms and glosses to enhance my lips, rather than investing in a really good lippy to do the job.
Over the last year, I've amassed a small collection of lipsticks I love, which I use all the time. I have one nude (Velvet Teddy, natch) a bright red, a dark red and then the trusty daytime shade - the pink.

The shade I use is Pink Champagne by Estée Lauder, so you can imagine my annoyance to discover it's now been discontinued! The jury's out on what I'll find to replace it, so at the moment I'm using it little and often to make it last as long as possible. 

It's far less bright than it looks in the photos, it's not candy pink, but it's like a light rose I guess. It also has a lovely shimmer running through it which my iPhone didn't detect. 

The packaging is simple gold, which looks and feel luxurious, it looks sophisticated and stylish. 

Although this photo is blurred (shaky Sunday hands on an iPhone, not very professional) you can just about see the shade there. The consistency is smooth and think and glides on nicely. 

Finally, here's a not brilliant selfie of me in the shade, it makes my skin look nice and bright, and is very natural so perfect for daytime use.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

5 Simple Happy Things

Happy Weekend everyone! 
I've been indulging in a few of my favourite mini pick-me-ups over the last few days, you know those small things that are so simple, but so effective? 

We all need a bit of a treat now and then, so here are my top 5 happy things. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

Waking Up & Realising It's Saturday

This has got to be one of my favourite feelings EVER. I love waking up on a Saturday morning (annoyingly always at work time though - which isn't the case on weekdays) realising it's the weekend and falling back into a deep sleep! I'm sure bed feels so much comfier in that time too. 

Buying Fresh Flowers 

I love flowers, they brighten up the place so quickly. They can get expensive so it's rare that I buy a large bouquet, but I love having the occasional little bunch in a vase, to make me smile.

A Roaring Log Fire

Not very seasonal I know, but I love the crackling sound and the smell of a log fire. I don't have one, but I'm instantly drawn to one if I see one, I love curling up on the sofa and just watching the flames. 

Clean Fresh Sheets

Again, this is one of those amazing feelings in life, getting into a bed made with crisp fresh sheets is pure heaven, you could bottle that feeling. It's even better if you've just got out of the bath too...

A Hot Bubble Bath

...which leads me nicely onto my last point, soaking in the bath. I love relaxing with a book and some candles, with a bubbly bath bomb. I only wish my real life bathroom looked like the photo above! A girl can dream...

All photos taken from Pinterest. Interestingly, as I was writing this post I realised that there's a definite theme running through all these photos, clearly I'm pinning my dream home subconsciously! 


Friday, 24 July 2015

Life Lately

Hi lovelies, hope you've all had a super duper week! As usual the days and weeks seem to be flying by, I'm loving the long summer evenings though.

1. Last weekend I met my friend for cocktails at Prohibition, a 20's themed cocktail bar I've mentioned before. I love it, their drinks are incredible

2. Another new bar, this one is actually a renovated bank, still containing all the original features including the vault. Its so cool! They do tapas which I really want to try next time.

3. I stumbled upon this pretty meadow while I was out with my dog during the week. It was a lovely balmy evening and I'm loving the naturally hazy look this photo has.

4. I got my nails done at the weekend, my shellac had lasted me nearly 5 weeks which is amazingly good going! This bright candy pink is really bright for me, I'm really happy with it though, it makes me feel like Barbie haha.

5. At the weekend I went out with friends for some food and drinks; we had an Indian followed by some beers. This is me and the birthday girl.

6. I've recently enrolled at a local spa for the summer, they do temporary 7 week passes. The spa facilities are amazing, they have a thermal salt room where salt pours from the ceiling, its much more tolerable than a sauna. Me and Ben went on Sunday for a swim and to relax in the jacuzzi.

7. I went for a walk along the beach, as usual there was a beautiful sunset.

8. I've been making the effort to go out for walks as many nights as I possibly can, the light evenings make it easier. I had my work health check and he pointed out that I'm not moving around enough during the day, so I'm trying to fix that.

9. I've become addicted to my pedometer, I think my view of my feet has been all I've seen all week haha, I'm determined to get as close as the recommended daily 10000 as possible, although the most I've managed so far is around the 8000 mark.

How has your week been?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Glossybox / July Review

I'm so excited about this month's Glossybox! Its a collector's edition inspired by all things French, and has been illustrated by Jamie Lee Reardin, who's worked for Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. It's super pretty. Seeing as I also love all things French, this box is a match made in heaven for me!

Je T'aime Travel Pouch

This zip-lock pouch is really cute, and a really good size for storing travel products in. I also like the fact its wipe clean, I nearly always find something has spilled out in transit, so this is nice and convenient.

Noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base

I usually use Smashbox Photo Finish primer under my make up during the week, but I'm coming to the end of it and was considering whether to re-buy. This primer contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to protect the skin, which sounds amazing.

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect Skin Refiner

I've recently started taking much more care of my night time routine, this contains acids such as hyaluronic and glycolic to resurface the skin. I had an acid skin peel last year and the cleanser I usually use before bed is quite drying, which helps my oily skin. I'm really looking forward to giving this a go.

Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence Eau De Parfum

I've heard great things about Yves Rocher, and always browse their products when I'm in France. This scent is really light and fresh, and the perfect size to pop in my clutch on a night out.

Lollipops Lip Balm Delicieuse

What girl doesn't love a good lipbalm? I always lose mine so I basically can't go wrong with this. The consistency is thick and creamy, and also longlasting. Plus I love the taste.

Have you had this month's Glossybox? What were your thoughts?


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Forever In Love With Pencil Skirts

My name's Lucy and I'm addicted to pencil skirts.
I really love them, I just think they look so stylish, and hide a multitude of sins. Again, this is something that has come about with age, I used to like the shorter the better, but now I really love a good pencil skirt with a nice top and some heels.

Last week I was in my usual haunt (TK Maxx) where I came across a sale rail full of pencil skirts. Haha. I picked up these few beauties: (apologies for the poor quality phone pics)

Missguided White Sequin Pencil Skirt - £5.99

This skirt was such a bargain, and while it's not the most practical (literally 100 sequins fell off in the changing room alone) OR versatile, I just think it'll look lovely with black accessories, especially around Christmas.

White & Blue Cotton Pencil Skirt £7.99

This is lighter than it looks in the photo, and its also quite long, Because of the thick material I could wear this with flats and a navy top for work, as well as out and about.

Missguided Black Lace Pencil Skirt £5.99

Another Missguided bargain, I absolutely love this. You can't tell from the photos but it also has nude panels down the side, its so dressy and perfect for a night out.

Primark Lame Shimmer Pink Pencil Skirt £4

OK so this isn't from TK Maxx, but its another addition to my haul, and such a bargain again. This is quite sheer so I'll have to wear something under it in case of a camera flash, but so pretty nonetheless.

What do you think of my haul? Are you a pencil skirt fan?


Friday, 17 July 2015

Luxury Yurt Glamping in the Peak District

At the moment, with the long sunny evenings and the bright mornings, I've been longing to get away and make the most of the nice weather. I hate being cooped up indoors, and despite already having been on my summer holiday abroad, my mind has kept turning towards going on a UK break, such as camping. 

Whenever I'm sitting in work wishing I could be outside, I find myself daydreaming about a mini break I went on last summer; glamping in a luxury yurt in Staffordshire.  Ben and I were lucky enough to spend two nights at Secret Cloud House near the Peak District and it was just a dream that I can't stop thinking about.

We headed up to Cauldon Low, Staffordshire in the late afternoon. We drove past rolling green hills with nothing else to see for miles, parked up and went to explore what our yurt had to offer.
The site houses 5 yurts, 4 traditional and one wooden lodge. We stayed in Elderflower.

The yurts are large and luxurious with everything you would get in a hotel - except electricity. We arrived to find bunting, candles burning, and chocolates and prosecco waiting for us. It was instantly cosy and welcoming, and I fell in love. The yurts are heated with a wood burner, which was amazing.



To make it feel even more like a home from home, there are full showering facilities on site, with a hairdryer, straighteners and even a full length mirror! Its a camping experience unlike any other I've been on.

We cooked our meal using the camping stove provided and ate outside in the meadow, looking out at the vast landscape with a glass of wine in hand. It was so incredibly peaceful.  It really was a therapeutic feeling knowing we had to put our phones away for a few days, go to bed when it got dark and get up at sunrise. It felt like we were going back to nature.

In the evening we walked through the meadow towards the outdoor hot tub, where we sat under the stars watching the sun set and the sky start to darken. There is also a wooden sauna where we relaxed once we'd finished in the hot tub. It was pure heaven.




The following morning we woke up early to the sound of sheep grazing in the next field, and cooked our breakfast using the hamper provided; including fresh eggs and local sausage and bacon.




I absolutely loved every minute of our stay, it was a year ago but still feels like yesterday. Cath (who owns Secret Cloud) is lovely and nothing was too much trouble. I would really love to go back at some point, we made some lovely memories. Staying there felt like a snapshot moment I didn't want to end. 
There are also a couple of pubs nearby, and lots of places to walk. The Yew Tree Inn is definitely worth a visit, a 17th century pub which is like a curiosity shop of antiques and vintage collectables.

If you're looking for a glamping break, I can't recommend this place highly enough. 

For more details and prices visit:

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