Sunday, 26 July 2015

5 Simple Happy Things

Happy Weekend everyone! 
I've been indulging in a few of my favourite mini pick-me-ups over the last few days, you know those small things that are so simple, but so effective? 

We all need a bit of a treat now and then, so here are my top 5 happy things. 
Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 

Waking Up & Realising It's Saturday

This has got to be one of my favourite feelings EVER. I love waking up on a Saturday morning (annoyingly always at work time though - which isn't the case on weekdays) realising it's the weekend and falling back into a deep sleep! I'm sure bed feels so much comfier in that time too. 

Buying Fresh Flowers 

I love flowers, they brighten up the place so quickly. They can get expensive so it's rare that I buy a large bouquet, but I love having the occasional little bunch in a vase, to make me smile.

A Roaring Log Fire

Not very seasonal I know, but I love the crackling sound and the smell of a log fire. I don't have one, but I'm instantly drawn to one if I see one, I love curling up on the sofa and just watching the flames. 

Clean Fresh Sheets

Again, this is one of those amazing feelings in life, getting into a bed made with crisp fresh sheets is pure heaven, you could bottle that feeling. It's even better if you've just got out of the bath too...

A Hot Bubble Bath

...which leads me nicely onto my last point, soaking in the bath. I love relaxing with a book and some candles, with a bubbly bath bomb. I only wish my real life bathroom looked like the photo above! A girl can dream...

All photos taken from Pinterest. Interestingly, as I was writing this post I realised that there's a definite theme running through all these photos, clearly I'm pinning my dream home subconsciously! 



  1. These photos are beautiful, I wish my house looked like them!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. Ahh wonderful pictures. Today I did step one: go back to sleep because today is a lovely Sunday. And the flower part is also so important to me.

    Natalia | Lindifique

    1. Lucky you, that feeling is amazing! And flowers make everything better!

      Lucy x

  3. Replies
    1. With this weather in the UK it already feels like winter! A fire would be good right now!

      Lucy x

  4. I love ALL OF THESE :) Especially buying fresh flowers which is definitely my favourite, and nothing makes you feel as pampered and lovely as a bubble bath, preferably with tons of bubbles and candles! Haha, Pinterest is a wonderful place to indulge in dreams. I've accidentally spent a couple of hours at a time pinning things a few times, it's amazing how it makes time fly! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. Fresh flowers make such a difference don't they! And I could live in the bath! Pinterest is amazing but also dangerous, I spend so much time dreaming!

      Lucy x

  5. These things are all amazing.


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