Saturday, 4 July 2015

Things I Do Right On Holiday

Since I got back from holiday, I've been doing some deep thinking (I know, how unlike me haha) 
I know a holiday is just that; a break from your everyday life. But is it just me that feels 100 times better on holiday, in every way?! Possibly some of it is psychological, but I can't help but feel that I look after myself better while I'm away, which in turns improves my mental and general well-being. 

  • Eating a Good Breakfast
It's almost impossible to find the time to make a really good breakfast every morning in real life. I always see these diets in magazines and think "who has the time to make an egg-white omelette with wheat toast and a fresh berry smoothie?!" so I know it isn't easy, but I must say that actually thinking about what to eat every morning really did set me up for the day. I ate a Spanish omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes every day, with a bowl of natural yoghurt and fruit, washed down with tea with skimmed milk and fresh orange juice. I just felt SO much better, I found that I didn't even consider snacking until it was lunch time. I know I'm not going to feel like getting up early to make all that when I could have longer in bed on a work morning, but I do think that maybe shovelling down sugary cereal or a quick piece of toast before running for the door is probably not doing my digestive system much good. I avoided fried food and most red meat while I was away, and also found the pesky bloat that follows me around usually didn't affect me at all, so I should probably try and eat healthier lunches too.

  • Early to Bed / Early to Rise
I'm definitely a night owl, and am usually wide awake until after midnight and then struggle into work just after 8 every morning. Its simply not enough for me but its a pattern I can't seem to break. While I was on holiday I went to bed around 11 most nights (rock and roll I know!) and read a book, as opposed to sitting glued to my iPad. I was fast asleep by midnight every night and found getting up at 7.30-8 a breeze the next day. Waking up to bright sunlight pouring through the window probably also helped, but I do think I'm a better person with more sleep.

(Photo taken from Pinterest)

  • Less Social Media
Because I was busy enjoying myself, apart from a morning and evening sweep of all my social media accounts I barely used the internet. Instead I looked at my surroundings, listened properly to conversations and concentrated on building up my tan. I found that I really didn't miss it at all, in fact the only thing I missed was catching up on people's blogs! 
Bloglovin > Real Life clearly.

(Photo taken from Pinterest)

  • Taking Care of My Skin
I always look after my skin, but I also plaster it in make-up every day, which on holiday I don't bother with. I made sure to protect it from the sun (even though I still managed to burn!) and left my skin to breathe all day, which I'm hoping my acne will thank me for. I wore a bit in the evenings, but it was a very low maintenance routine compared to being at home. I also used a exfoliating body scrub in the shower every other day which I don't do at home, because I tend to always be doing everything at 90mph. The only thing I did do was use too many face wipes, which I try not to do too much of at home, but hey.

(Photo taken from Pinterest)

Since I've got home I've already started to slip back into my old ways, so I need to make a conscious effort to stop. 

Do you have a holiday routine?


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