Thursday, 6 August 2015

Blonde to Bronde - Hair Inspiration

A new phrase that's been banded around a lot lately is bronde. While it's a bit of a silly name, it's a dream for girls like me who fluctuate between blonde and brown on a regular basis.

I've been dying/bleaching my naturally brown hair blonde for more than 15 years, despite being a really blonde child (until I was about 11) but every so often I get fed up of looking toooo blonde for my skin tone and get the urge to go brunette again (before deciding I don't feel like 'me' when I'm dark and immediately going blonde again, haha)

I also have micro bond extensions because I have very fine hair that doesn't grow (it just doesn't) which means they're doubly high maintenance to keep maintained because when my roots show its game over and the weave starts being visible. I took them out over the summer because, well, effort, but I'm having them put back in and so I've decided to go bronde.

 (my extensions at their blondest)

So I've been scouring Pinterest like a madwoman for the last week or so trying to find shades and styles I like, my hairdresser is going to colour my hair bronde as it is now so I can see how I like it first, and if I do then she'll match the extensions up. I've actually chosen a shade on the darker end of the spectrum as I know it'll lighten up as I wash it, and also because the lighter the extensions the harder it is to make them look natural. 

I'm so excited! I'm hoping it'll be a transformation for the better!

(all images from Pinterest - follow me at bringonthelucy)

Have you had the desire to go over to the bronde side?


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  1. Hair is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Getting your hair done is pretty much guaranteed to give you a little boost of happiness and confidence! I'll bet your bronde hair will look lovely, I don't blame you for being excited! I would love to try it sometime, but I think darker hair suits me better, so I tend to stick to red or black. I DID try dying my hair blonde once, years ago... it went orange! Another go turned it yellow, so that's the last time I try to go blonde at home, next time I'll go to the hairdresser's, haha :) an interesting post, Lucy! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥


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