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Fitness Post: How I Fuel My Workouts

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At the risk of sounding like a fitness bore, as I mentioned in my last post I've been trying to embrace a healthier, fitter lifestyle of late.
I'm someone who's always on the go, not only does working long hours take its toll, but also having a hectic personal life with non-stop dates in the diary, so I can quite easily find myself getting run down.

Although I'm definitely NOT super fit, I have noticed that I have more energy and feel better in general since I started taking care of myself better, I also think that making the effort to walk a lot more every day and get some fresh air has made my general mental well-being better too.

ETB Fit* got in touch with me asking me to share my fitness essentials so they could get some insight into how I stay motivated and what fuels my routine through a series of simple questions.
Their company motto of 'life is too short not to prioritise your own personal well-being' spoke volumes to me, as that's what I've been trying to do a lot lately.

What foods do you eat pre-workout?

I've learnt from experience that it's never a good idea to exercise on a full stomach! The days of heading to a Zumba class with a belly full of roast dinner helped me realise that!
Now I tend to go for something light but substantial, like eggs (poached or scrambled) as they fill me up and make me feel energised, but don't sit heavily on my digestive system. Fruit can bloat me, so I try and have just one piece, like a banana, and make sure I drink plenty of water.

What music do you listen to during your workout?

In every day life my taste in music is best described as eclectic, but when I'm doing any exercise I like to listen to music that's fast paced and makes me feel happy as that makes me feel more motivated. I like to listen to Spotify playlists because they give a good mix of dance and rock songs, but I like anything from Calvin Harris, Hot Chip, David Guetta and Muse and System of a Down.

How do you switch up certain routines daily/weekly to stay motivated?

I won't lie, being a naturally unfit person I find exercise can be boring, and I struggle a lot with motivation, but I try and mix what I'm doing so I don't get bored. I usually go to the gym for cardio on a Monday to boost my Monday mood, so I'll do spinning, treadmill, rowing machine and cross trainer. Other times I'll go to a Zumba class for an hour of dancing basically, and then when I'm feeling super-motivated/energetic I go for a run in the lovely country lanes near my house (weather dependant of course, there's nothing like rain clouds to make me retreat back inside!)

What do you eat or do after your workout to make sure you got the most out of it?

Food wise I don't really eat anything specific, I just try and make sure I stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If I've been to the gym I'll usually treat myself to a quick dip in the pool/jacuzzi to relax myself, or if I've been for a run I'll do some simple stretching and then walk slowly to cool down.

Disclaimer: I'm not in any way a sports or fitness expert (the idea is laughable, haha) This is simply what works for me. 
I don't personally use any workout supplements and am in no way knowledgeable enough to write about them, but ETB pride themselves on offering some of the best clean and healthy supplements available.

*Written in collaboration with ETB Fit; a sports nutrition based lifestyle business who believe that a personalised and bespoke approach is the best way to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. 



  1. Awesome! I need to actually do more fitness stuff than I do currently, which is nothing .
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. It's so hard to stay motivated though, it's always a struggle for me, I could definitely do more than I do!

      Lucy x


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