Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Neal's Yard Skincare

A few weeks ago I picked up the Award Winning Skincare Kit from Neal's Yard, I'd heard a lot about their products already, and as I'm a sucker for aesthetically pleasing packaging I was keen to get my mitts on some of them. I also suffer from problem skin, and so the fact that they're natural ticks even more of my boxes.

Within the kit I got mini-sized Rejuvenating Frankincense Refining Cleanser, Wild Rose Beauty Balm, White Tea Facial Mist, Beauty Sleep Concentrate and White Tea Enriching Facial Mask which for £20 is a lot of bang for your buckThe customer service was also brilliant, the girl in the store talked me through various different products and also kindly threw in a few extra samples to try, which were Frankincense Hydrating Cream, Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish, Purifying Palmarosa Mattifier, Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture and White Tea Toning Eye Gel.

I went home eager to try my new wares, and I've been happily using them for the last week so I could get a feel for them properly before writing about them.

This product retails at £38 for 50g so it's not the cheapest, but judging by the amount you use it would last a long time. This is a multi-use product that can be used as either a cleanser, an exfoliant (if you use a muslin cloth) or a nourishing balm. So far I've only used it as a cleanser, but I love it. I really like rose scented products anyway, but its rich and creamy. 

As soon as I put this on my skin I knew it was a winner, it glided on and felt soft and soothing. My skin has been stressed and blemish prone lately and it just felt like a soft blanket on my skin. This is £26.50 for 50g and if used once a week as recommended it would last ages.

I've been using this before bed each night (around 2-3 pumps) and it's made a huge difference. Because I have quite sensitive skin, a lot of moisturisers don't agree with me and just feel like they're sitting on my skin rather than being absorbed. This melts in beautifully and I wake up with lovely soft skin. Again for £32.50 for 30ml it's not that cheap, but it's definitely worth a splurge.

I  haven't ever really used facial mists much, but this feels really light and refreshing when you just want a quick boost. I can't see me re-purchasing this as I personally probably wouldn't use it much, but for £11.50 for 45ml it's good value.

The final item in the kit - I used this as a morning cleanser and as with everything else I've tried so far, its soothing and smells lovely, which seems to be a running theme with Neal's Yard. Its light and non-greasy and for £20 for 100g it's better value than a lot of other cleanser's I've used.

Onto the free samples, I've also tried each of them and love them all.

My favourite of these products is the Mattifier, I've loved this as base for my make up, it's just a shame it's so expensive as I probably wouldn't spend that as I already have a primer. 

My verdict is that I absolutely LOVE Neal's Yard, they're a range that manages to feel luxurious while still affordable. I'm definitely going to continue purchasing from them, and can't see my loyalty waning any time soon. I really love it when you discover a range that just works for you. In all honesty there isn't a single product I've written about that I didn't like or wouldn't re-purchase, which is pretty good going.

Finally, I happened to see that their bath products are on offer in Waitrose at the moment, so I just had to treat myself!

Have you used Neal's Yard before?


  1. I love it when the staff are knowledgeable and friendly! That’s 5 products for 2o quid, that’s pretty good! I would definitely give the Wild Rose Beauty Balm a go, it sounds super dreamy and rose scented products are my favourite. Oh yikes, well I’m a facial mist virgin! But I’d love to try this one, I can see myself over spritzing in summer just to cool down, haha! A lovely collection of goodies, it’s definitely made me want to dive in, and yes, brownie points for being natural :) x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. It did make a huge difference having someone there to offer advice! Everything smells lovely and they're all really soothing and light feeling because they're natural.

      Lucy x- Yellowicing

  2. So many goodies! This brand sounds right up my street. I really like the look of the balm and the beauty sleep concentrate especially! I've never tried a mist before and I know exactly what you mean about creams not sinking in properly

    1. I just love them, I've been using the beauty sleep every night even though it's only a sample size and my skin feels so much better than my usual moisturiser! The sample boxes are a great and affordable way to try a mixture of things!

      Lucy x- Yellowicing

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  8. These all look so great! I've been meaning to pay a visit to Neal's Yard... :)


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