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I recently came across a post on Facebook about a Danish concept called 'Hygge' (pronounced hoo-ga) and its REALLY captured my attention.

It basically translates as 'cosiness' and describes the feeling you get when you're warm and comfortable in the house, surrounded by blankets, cushions, warm food/drink and candles. I could get on board with this.

Since reading more into it, I've become completely obsessed and have basically decided that this is my perfect way of life. In all honesty, it's not a concept that a million miles away from my usual winter lifestyle, which is possibly why it appeals to me so much. 

I'm a real homebody at this time of year, and every January I go into a period of hibernation. I love relaxing with a drink, some yummy food, wrapped up in blankets, slippers and cushions, with candles lit and feeling safe and warm indoors. But what I LOVE about Hygge is that it's not endorsing a hermit way of life (although that's OK too!) it's actually basing a huge emphasis on sociability. 

I'm a real people person, I absolutely love spending time with other people, catching up with friends and having quality time with family. I'm somebody who thrives on the company of others, but also likes having time alone to recharge. It's all about balance. 

Being able to be snug in the house with great company, sharing a bottle of wine or a home cooked meal is my perfect evening. It just makes me feel so happy. Which is probably EXACTLY why Denmark is officially the happiest country in the world.

As humans, I think what most of us need is the feeling of security, comfort and love to feel happy. Maybe that's a generalisation, but for me they're definitely my happiness essentials.

I've long had an obsession with all things Scandinavian, I just really admire their way of life. I went to Norway a few years ago, and was struck with how calm and happy everyone we came across was, even though it was freezing, mostly drizzly and there seemed to be very little to do.
Wandering through the town at night we likened it to a ghost town, and wondered what all the people our age were up to, and now I think I know the answer: they were indoors being 'Hygge'.

According to the article, Hygge can mean everything from enjoying a meal with family, sitting by a fire sipping a glass of mulled wine, getting lost in a good book, or huddling in bed with a hot water bottle. Often the simplest things are the happiest things - so is it really any wonder this concept is so appealing?

Obviously our winters aren't as harsh as the Scandinavian countries, so we're less likely to sit drinking a hot chocolate while looking out at the snow covered ground, but listening to rain on the window outside can be just as cosy in it's own way!

I really want to spruce up my home now with lots more cushions, blankets and fairy lights, I don't actually need any more candles or wine as they're basically my life staples anyway. Haha :)

Not surprisingly, I've taken to Pinterest and started my own HYGGE Board. It's made me yearn for a simple, easy life even more now.

I started my own attempt at Hygge last year (without even really realising!) when I made this Christmas smorgasbord surrounded by candles and washed down with some red wine. I can't wait to do some more again this winter. 

(image taken from My Instagram)

The orignal article that inspired me can be found here :)

Do you like the idea of Hygge? have you tried it before?



  1. Well, I'm not entirely certain how it's pronounced, but I LOVE this idea of Hygge, and you've made me want to stock up on candles AND visit Denmark! What is it about Scandinavian countries that makes them so enlightened? I'm half Finnish but since I don't live in Finland I'm still learning about the Finnish ways, and I'm always struck with "this SO makes sense" thoughts when I learn about a new custom, tradition, or habit. I think the Danish have nailed it, what a sweet way to live! I love your photos, Lucy, they make me want to be all Hygge today especially, it's all gloomy and drizzly outside! x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. It's all so cosy and perfect isn't it Amanda! The Scandinavians have definitely got it nailed when it comes to living right! I love how they make so much time to look after their welfare, it's so important! I bet you didn't want to come home from Finland!

      Lucy x


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