Friday, 11 December 2015

5 Happy Christmas Feelings

There are sooooo many Christmas blog posts floating around now, and I thought I'd join in!

I've loved the Christmas season ever since I was a little girl, and I think it'll always be my favourite time of year. As kids it's all about the presents, but as we get older I think for a lot of us it becomes about a whole lot more.

I just love the feeling that's in the air in December, the weather forces us to slow down and we find ourselves feeling festive whether we want to or not, because of the lights and decorations everywhere, the music, parties and films.
I've been absolutely loving scrolling through Pinterest and looking at the pretty pictures. All of them give me serious Christmas envy! With that in mind, I decided to think of a few little Christmas feelings that always make me warm and fuzzy:
1. Waking up on a weekend morning and realising there's no work is one of the greatest feelings anyway, but making yourself a cuppa, switching your electric blanket back on and settling down with a Christmas film is even better.

2. Taking a walk/drive and looking at all the Christmas lights twinkling in the windows of shops and houses always makes me feel warm inside.

3. The smell of mulled wine always gets me (especially duank outside in a Christmas market) as does the smell of a real tree and the turkey cooking in the oven. Smells can evoke memories so easily.

4. Settling down for the evening in your pj's, with the glow of the tree and/or fire, a warm drink in your hand, candles lit and the feeling that you're shutting out the cold dark outside world makes me feel so cosy and content.

5. Buying gifts for my loved ones is one of my favourite feelings, I love the feeling of anticipation as you watch them open them, it makes me feel really happy. I love wrapping my gifts in pretty paper and arranging them under the tree, it makes me wish I could be a child again and wait for Father Christmas!

What are your favourite Christmas feelings?



  1. I love ALL of these! But most especially buying gifts for loved ones, and I wish I had a special wrapping station at home where I could make them look all snazzy lol, but I make do quite well with my living room floor ;) walking or driving around shops and houses all pretty and lit up is a definite must, too, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Ah, Lucy, you've made me even more excited for Christmas now!! Hope you have a lovely weekend! ♥ x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. Thanks Amanda! Yeah, a snazzy wrapping station would be handy but I always end up on the floor too!

      Lucy x- Yellowicing

  2. I love everything about Winter! This post made me smile :) xxx

  3. I'm lucky to have spent a good chunk of this month in the Fall/Winter for holiday since I live in perpetual Summer! Walking around the city during this Festive season is absolutely magical <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. Wow Bash that must still be pretty cool though!

      Lucy x

  4. These photos are so lovely and festive

  5. I love spending lots of time and thought on presents for loved ones- it makes me feel so happy, and I love seeing their faces when they open them!!
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