Monday, 28 December 2015

Boxing Day Sales Haul

I've written a couple of posts recently about how I wanted to simplify and de-clutter my life and reduce the amount of possessions I have, but despite all that I still couldn't resist hitting the sales! I've tried to keep the mantra 'quality over quantity' in my head when shopping this year though as I have a habit of buying things just because they're a bargain, regardless of whether I actually need them!
Because we've had terrible floods here, I've mostly shopped from the comfort of my armchair which is always dangerous!
Here's a round-up of what I've bought:

Fat Face
As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows, I'm slightly obsessed with Fat Face so they were my first port of call. Their sale is really good with amazing reductions, so I nabbed a few things:
1. Pointelle Tunic (I got this in rosebud)
2. Lace 2 in 1 3 Quarter Sleeve Top (I got this in navy)
4. Sherwood Jumper (this is no longer available, and it was £30 not £50 as shown on the link)

My other favourite shop, I could have got thousands of things from ASOS as their sale is fab, but neither my bursting wardrobe or bank balance would have thanked me, so I only got these two tops, mainly to wear for work. Even better, I managed to get a discount code that worked, love it when that happens!

The Outnet
I stumbled across this website by accident, while I was housebound during the bad weather. I've always wanted a pair of Hunter wellies but never been able to justify the price, but when I found this website which is full of discounted designer goods I couldn't resist. With a saving of £37 I would say these are my best sales bargain so far! I got them in navy. I can't wait for them to arrive!

Before this year I never shopped in Clarks because I had an image of them being the place my Mum used to force me to get school shoes from (and have my feet measured) but I genuinely think now they've upped their game and have some really lovely, cool shoes. I picked these two up in the sale and I'm really pleased with them both, they're so comfortable and such good quality. Plus they do half sizes for people with pesky feet like me.

Did you get any Boxing Day bargains?

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