Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas Traditions - Birmingham German Markets

One of the best things for me about Christmas is traditions. Whether they're something you've been doing since childhood, or something you started last year - traditions are the best.
For the last 5 years or so my best friend Jen and I have set aside a weekend in December to go to the Christmas Markets in Birmingham for some festive cheer, a ride with all the other children on the carousel, live music, craft stalls and as much food and drink as you can shake a stick at. We absolutely love it, and it's become our 'thing' at Christmas. 

This year was no exception, and on Friday after work we packed up the car and made our way down to Birmingham, armed with Christmas CD's and festive cheer for the journey. Despite the fact it's ridiculously mild and we didn't have the usual freezing temperatures, on Saturday we had a great time laughing, having an epic catch up, and eating bratwurst, potatoes and garlic mushrooms. Mmmmmm. And trying (and failing) to find the carousel horses with our names on to sit on (we never manage it) . Not to mention the fact that this year they had the cutest little gluhwein mugs, I just had to keep mine as a souvenir. 

After a few hours, we headed back to Jen's and watched 'Elf' with a cup of tea and the Christmas tree 
lights twinkling, before heading out in the evening to our favourite pub, The Lyttleton Arms for some more food and drink. I LOVE the fact that we do the same things every year, it's like a reassuring little constant in our lives we can always rely on. We had the most AMAZING lobster brioche roll with twice cooked chips, washed down with a bottle or two of wine and general shenanigans.
Sunday brought a long walk in the forest followed by an amazing roast dinner, before hitting the road. 
The perfect Christmas weekend.



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