Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Liverpool at Christmas

A couple of days ago, I went for a mini break to Liverpool. Liverpool is my second home and the place I feel happiest; it's where I spent a large chunk of my childhood and with my family roots being there, it's somewhere where I always feel 'at home' when I visit. 
As a child I used to get so excited to see the skyline as we drove into the city, I was in awe of the Liver Building and could never quite get my head around how big the Liver Birds actually were. The anticipation of coming in and feeling like I was at home is a feeling I've never forgotten.

This time, we came for an overnight stay at an amazing hotel (full post to follow) and did a little bit of Christmas shopping, although in fairness I'm pretty much done with that and it's just a few little extras I needed. Liverpool is (in my opinion) second to none for shopping, a weekend is simply never enough!

It looked so pretty with all the Christmas lights up too:

Liverpool One decorations
The main city Christmas Tree
The beaut of a tree in our hotel foyer

One of the other amazing things about Liverpool is it's culture and history, I find it all fascinating. 
We went for a walk along the Pier Head, and looked at the war memorial - I was very proud to see my great great grandfather's name included! There's been so much development in that area of Liverpool lately, it's almost unrecognisable from a few years ago. 
The 'Poppies Weeping Window' exhibition is also in the city until the 17th January having been brought over from the Tower of London, it consists of several thousand handmade ceramic poppies that were created for the World War 1 Centenary Celebrations from last year. It's well worth a visit.

Lamb Bananas
The Dazzle Boat
Liver Building
The 'Poppies Weeping Window' exhibition in St George's Hall
The Christmas markets were in full swing and there was such a lively, festive atmosphere in the city. The streets were bustling, there was live music being played and everywhere smelt amazing, the air was thick with mulled wine, sausages and crepes. It was amazing!

What did you get up to over the weekend? And have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?


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