Friday, 18 December 2015

Lush Epic Christmas Haul

Oh Lush. You're so addictive. 
I try really hard to avoid Lush as much as I can yet I just can't seem to resist, and at Christmas it's even harder! So last week I had a MASSIVE haul (well massive considering I have a whole box full of unused bath bombs as it is) and you can imagine my excitement when I came home to find this on my door mat:

Here's what I picked up:

Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar - £4.95

I love the look of this bubble bar, it immediately caught my eye. It's going to be as glittery as 'Sparkly Pumpkin' which is always a bonus and I love the smell of moringa.

Snow Melt Bath Melt - £2.00

This is smaller than I imagined, but for £2 it's not really surprising. It smells really nice and I think it's going to fizz in the bath really nicely.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - £2.95

I couldn't resist picking up a couple of Santa shaped bits! This one is really good value as it's pretty chunky, I'm looking forward to smelling the satsuma aroma.

Butterbear Bath Bomb - £1.95

These smell lovely and like so many of the Christmas products they're really good value for money. I think the cocoa butter will really soften the skin too.

Snowman Shower Jelly - £3.95

This is the first time I've had a shower jelly, and I used this tonight. It smells amaaaaazing, but I ended up fighting a losing battle with it in the shower! Haha!

Rose Jam Shower Gel - £4.95

As soon as I saw this I snapped it up because I love the bubbleroon (and I love the smell of rose anyway), I just wish I'd bought a bigger size so it'll last longer!

 Star Dust Bath Bomb - £2.95

This looks so bubbly and the little hidden stars inside it sold it to me! It looks like it's going to be frothy and fresh (like Milky Bath) which is my favourite type of bath bomb.

  Santa's Belly Shower Jelly - £3.95

This is one of the first products that caught my name, mostly because of the fun name, but it looks and smells amazing, plus it contains red wine so can't it be the best thing ever?!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar - £3.95

Last but not least, this little guy found his way into my basket. I just thought he looked cute and as with all other Lush products, smells amazing!

What do you think of my haul? Have you tried any of these products?

I've linked all the products below too :)

              Santa's Belly / Peeping Santa / Five Gold Rings
              Snowman / Butterbear / Star Dust
              Snow Melt / Rose Jam / Dashing Santa


  1. Absolutely love the Lush products and these ones look amazing!
    Fashion Soup

  2. Oh my gosh, yes! I love Lush products...from a far, haha. I've never tried them before but really do want to. These look amazing!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    1. May, you definitely need to give them a try! You'd love them!

      Lucy x

  3. Replies
    1. Haha, I did go a bit far! It's just so tempting, especially at Christmas!

      Lucy x

  4. What a great haul, I love Lush

  5. Ah Lush is my absolute favourite place to shop at Christmas! Love your haul :) xx

    1. Thanks Cat, there's just so much to choose from isn't there!

      Lucy x

  6. Such a lovely Lush haul! I picked up something from Lush too this week. I bought 'The Magic of Christmas' and it's an amazing bubble bar!



    1. Thanks Marjolein, I haven't tried that one but I've heard really good things!

      Lucy x


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