Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Anti Bucket List

I've seen a few bloggers doing this, and feeling inspired by Emma's original post (who's blog btw, is my new favourite thing) I decided to give it a go myself.
I'm terrible for putting myself down, and playing things down, and and overanalysing what to/not to post for fear of looking full of myself, but the whole point of this post IS to blow your own trumpet. That's right - we may not all have perfect lives, but we've all done things that make us feel good, right? It doesn't matter how big or small they are, this post is about celebrating the things that made me feel happy in 2015, rather than obsessing about everything I SHOULD have, but DIDN'T do.

1. I went on several staycations at lovely hotels in the UK and loved every one.

2. I passed my Wedding Planning Course with distinction.
3. I managed to run this little blog continuously for the whole year.
4. I visited my favourite place on earth, Nice in the South of France.

5. I found the guts to end several toxic friendships that were doing me no good whatsoever.
6. I also made several new, good friendships. Yay.
7. I went to 4 gigs in a month.

8. Following on from #7, I went to see Fleetwood Mac which was a genuine dream come true.
9. I got asked to be my best friend's bridesmaid (and double brownie points for me as I set them up)
10. I got a new, better job.
11. I went on my first all inclusive holiday.

12. I celebrated a 2 year anniversary.
13. I finally finished both Breaking Bad AND Pretty Little Liars.
14. I stayed in the swankiest hotel in Chester

15. I got my hair and make up done by a Professional.
16.  I got my first proper 'blogging gig' where I was asked to cover an event at The Manchester Renaissance.

17. I grew out the fringe I've had since I was 10. 
18. I went from blonde to brunette.

19. I climbed Snowdon in ridiculously hot temperatures.
20. I managed to nab a limited edition NARS Glossybox (these things never happen to me)
21. I visited my second favourite city, Palma.

22. I had my annual Christmas Jumper and cocktails night.
23. I saw my great-grandfathers name on the war memorial in Liverpool.
24. I finally found the time to do some festive baking.
25. I spent quality time with my family and friends, which is my favourite part.

After writing this post, I can definitely see that motto for 2016 is:
 'do more of what makes you happy'

What have you done in 2015 that makes you happy?



  1. These all sound so amazing! But I totally OMG-ed at the Wedding Planning Course! That's amazing, I didn't even know that was a thing, but it sounds fabulous. I hope your 2016 is as good as your 2015. Happy new year beautiful! xx

    1. Aww thanks Georgia! Happy New Year to you too! And yes it really is a thing haha, I found it while randomly googling and loved it!

      Lucy x

  2. This is such a lovely list! Your pictures of France look incredible, and well done on the wedding planning course! :) xx

    1. Thanks Georgia, it's such a photogenic place!

      Lucy x

  3. This is such a good idea! I want to do one now! Well done of passing your wedding planning course and still super jealous of you seeing fleetwood Mac. Happy new year Lucy

    1. You definitely should Sophie, I'd love to see what you've been up to this year! I still pinch myself over Fleetwood Mac!

      Lucy x

  4. You did so much lady! I love this idea. Also you look (in the nicest way possible) so much better as a brunette- I'm sloooowly going back to brunette because sun + constantly getting highlights is so so bad for my locks :(

    we are dannah | lifestyle blog



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