Monday, 7 December 2015

Winter Wedding Inspo

Winter is definitely well and truly underway now, and aside from all the Christmas excitement, for many people it's also wedding season! I think there's something really magical about a winter wedding - the seasonal colours, twinkling fairy lights and sense of warmth and goodwill.

Something you won't know about me, is that I'm actually a qualified wedding planner. Weddings are definitely a passion of mine, and next year I'll be a bridesmaid for the 7th time, which gives me a great excuse to get involved in all the planning for the big day! I just hope that some day I get to work in that field for real!

Due to my love of all things wedding-related (as well as my penchant for a winter wedding) when The Black Tux inspired me to share my winter wedding essentials I jumped at the chance.
If you're planning a wedding, The Black Tux could be just what you're looking for! As well as tuxedo and suit rentals, they also offer a variety of accessories - so it's well worth a browse.

Here are my winter wedding staples:

I definitely have a couple of favourite winter colour schemes; the colour you choose is hugely important because it's evident in so many of the details of the day - from the obvious bridesmaid dresses and flowers, to the often overlooked parts such as centrepieces, favours and invitations.

Grey / Silver
My personal favourite - this colour adds a cool, crisp and shimmery look to a winter wedding, reminding us of snow and sparkles. For a chic and stylish wedding, this colour is timeless. I love the details like the grey headpiece, and the silver layers on the wedding cake.

Navy / Royal Blue
Dark blues are a winter wedding staple, one of those classic, stylish colours that really stand out against all the pale white tones. Blue also works really well with silver and gold if you want to have more than one main colour, it's just so versatile. I've always dreamt of having the blue Manolo's Carrie Bradshaw wore for her wedding to Big in SATC as my 'something blue'. A girl can dream!

Plum / Wine
I think this is arguably the most distinctive and well-known colour scheme for a winter wedding, I've seen so many beautiful photos of dark red touches. This is a such a warm and festive colour, which reminds you of mulled wine and berries peeking through the snow! I added a bit of tartan too which I saw on Pinterest, a bit of a different twist but still so striking.

Faux Fur 
Colour schemes aside, I also think faux fur is a lovely addition to a winter wedding. Not only are they practical for keeping out the winter chill, they also look so nice and really finish off the wedding dress. My brother got married in January, and both me and the bride wore faux fur stoles (well actually mine was feathered!) to keep us cosy in our strapless dresses. I really liked both these photos.

Finally, as a complete candle addict, NO wedding would be complete without an abundance of candles. They really make a room cosy and are such a simple way of adding to the atmosphere. I absolutely love these photos, with the candles strewn alongside a sweeping staircase and all over the tables. With the days getting darker, getting married by candlelight would be so romantic and effective.

I absolutely loved writing this post, there isn't much I love more than a good wedding! And planning my own fantasy wedding of course. that never gets old!

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  1. Absolutely love the colours that come with Winter - silvers & greys are my favourites x

    1. Thanks Cat, they're my favourites too!

      Lucy x

  2. Seeing this I can say u have great aesthetic sense and make a fab wedding planner! The grey and silver scheme looks like a dream!

    1. Thank you Chi Chi that's so kind of you!

      Lucy x

  3. Oh wow wedding dreams! I cannot wait to start planning mine and seeing all these images make me so excited! Just followed your blog you have amazing posts!

    1. Thanks so much for the follow! And I know what you mean, looking at photos is enough to get me excited!

      Lucy x

  4. I really adore these floral decorations. I have to attend couple of winter weddings at indoor wedding venues NYC. Quire confused for my winter wedding dress and seems to be running out of ideas in selecting a good dress.


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