Saturday, 9 January 2016

Glossybox / 2015 Favourites

I've been subscribing to Glossybox now since April, and suffice to say I've loved it! 
It's such a nice treat having a box of goodies delivered to my door monthly, and every box (except for December's which I found hit and miss) has had some gems in that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.
This post is all about my Top 5 Glossybox items from 2015 - things I would definitely re-purchase.

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque

I always love the full sized products (who doesn't?!) and this hair mask felt really luxurious. It's a great size and a little goes a long way, but it also smells lovely and made my hair feel soft and smooth. Definitely a winner.

SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser

Naively, I always just used normal products 'down there', as I always felt products like Femfresh were a waste of money, but then I discovered SASS. I would never have come across them without Glossybox as they only sell them in Boots and my local store doesn't, but I really love them. So much so I also bought the Soothe and Smoothe Shave Gel from their range. Glossybox also had the Perfect Skin Concentrate in another month's box too, this is a brand I'd definitely like to see more of.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 'Black Cherry' 

This lipstick was a gamble as I spent 2015 trying to be more adventurous with my lip colour. After getting a few bold colours and liking them, I selected this shade from a few others as I wanted to try out how I'd look in a really dark shade; it's so versatile as it can also be worn as a rich plum red colour by day, or all-out dramatic by night. I love it.

Emite Diamond Heart Base Primer

This is one of the more high-end products found in Glossybox and it's worthy of the title. I was using another primer but swiftly discarded it once I tried this, it's amazing and gives my skin a flawless and illuminated base, it's also really smooth and hydrating, unlike some primers. This is also good on its own if you don't feel like wearing foundation. It's just a shame it's not purse friendly (32 euros)

Naobay Calming Face Toner

I wrote a review on another Naobay product some months ago, this is another brand that I wouldn't have heard of without Glossybox and one I want to keep trying. It's a natural and organic brand from Spain, and it's fantastic, the best toner I've ever used. The packaging is also appealing, it's just a great product.

What do you think of my Glossybox picks?
What are your favourites?


  1. Lovely picks! I love Sass so much! That lipstick is such a nice shade, might have to get that for myself!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
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  2. I absolutely loved the Emite Primer too, probably my fave glossybox product so far!

    Holly |


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