Sunday, 31 January 2016

Valentine's Wishlist - To Me, Love Me.

Like it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is nearly upon us (where did January go?!) and I've seen loads of Valentine's Gift Guides floating around. 
Personally I quite like Valentine's because I treat it as a cheesy thing, and don't take it too seriously. I know technically there shouldn't be one commercialised day to show someone you love them, but I usually get into the spirit of things and buy a cheesy card and a little gift (I don't think you need to spend a lot on Valentine's presents really) 
Usually when I'm buying I like to think outside the box a little and get something a bit more unusual (mostly because I don't think many men want something particularly 'romantic').

Having said that, I'm quite a traditionalist when it comes to gifts and I like the classic Valentine's presents - flowers, chocolate etc. Again, not spending any more than necessary.

Despite all this though, if the purpose of Valentine's Day is to show someone you love them, why not treat yourself to something nice? Because I buy myself presents all year round and know my own taste better than anyone's; I decided to make a little gift guide/wishlist of things I'd love, but wouldn't necessarily expect someone to buy for me. 
You know you deserve it :)

I've had my beady eye on this box of treats for some time now, and at £27.95 it's not particularly cheap, but you get 6 products in there, and I loved the set I got last year.

I don't think any man has ever bought me lingerie, I think maybe generally they're too scared to! I love pretty underwear, and Ted Baker is my absolute favourite. This lovely pink set (although I could have sworn it was red) is from Debenhams and I think it's fitting for Valentine's. The bra is £25 and the knickers/thong is £10.50 (knickers all the way for me!) 

It's no secret I love candles, and while I LOVE Yankee Candle, I think this brand are my overall favourite, they smell gorgeous and burn really well (and are a lot cheaper) You can get them from TK MAXX and I'll probably treat myself to one as a little 'to me, from me' gift.

My absolute chocolatey weakness is Terry's Chocolate Orange, and if it's you buy me a dark one I'll be your friend for life. These babies are like golddust, but somehow my Mum manages to get me one every Christmas! Chocolate is always good at Valentine's, but if it's chocolate orange shaped then ever better.

I love fresh flowers, and tulips are my favourite . I think there's something really timeless and romantic about getting red roses for Valentine's Day, but getting tulips is just as good in my eyes. I was going to link to Interflora but they're so expensive when you can get such lovely bouquets in the supermarkets. For the sake of this post I've linked to Waitrose, but again there are loads of cheaper alternatives.

What do you think of my Valentine's guide?



  1. You can never go wrong w/ fresh flowers!! =)

  2. I definitely end up giving myself things on V-Day - lack of a special someone haha! The chocolate is always on sale afterwards too (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

    1. Haha I totally agree about the sale chocolate!

      Lucy x

  3. I don't mind Valentine's Day and, as a single lady, I know exactly what I'll be getting because I'm going to treat myself, haha :) and I think I'm going to get that LUSH gift box because a girl can't have too many LUSH goodies now, can she ;) x

    ♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

    1. I totally agree with you, there's no one better to treat than yourself! You'll have to let me know what the box is like if you get it, Lush envy!

      Lucy x


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