Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2016 Wedding Predictions / Inspirations

If you read this blog regularly, you'll know I'm a real sucker for a wedding.
Which is partly why I'm a qualified wedding planner, as I love all things matrimony related.
I've previously written a couple of posts about weddings, and I love any excuse to hit Pinterest, and start lusting over colour schemes, flower arrangements and wedding cocktails, so when Paperless Post challenged me to give my predictions for 2016 wedding trends, I jumped at the chance.

Paperless Post are a design-focused site offering online and paper invitations, cards and stationary and with featured designers such as Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and Rifle Paper Co. it's safe to say there are some real beauties on the site to help you celebrate your wedding day in style. Their selection of wedding invites makes me want to get married right now!

Exposed Brickwork.

The industrial theme was HUGE in 2015, and in my opinion it's set to continue long into this year. There's something achingly cool about a warehouse setting, and offsetting the sparse space to make it all your own with the use of clever styling.

Fairy Lights.

Which leads me very nicely onto my next trend; fairy lights. Now there's nothing new about fairy lights, and they've been around for eons, but there is much more of a focus on clever lighting these days, and adding a certain something special to your wedding photos. Fairy lights can completely transform a setting, and certainly help 'pretty up' an industrial space such as these.

Statement Features.

As I mentioned, getting married in a warehouse type setting is so cool these days, and the somewhat plain canvas can give you full licence to run riot with the decor. Through exploring Pinterest, I found some real gems, such as this amazing lightbulb cake topper, which is a real statement piece. I'm also in love with the metallic balloons and tassel banner, which are readily available and also cheap to buy.

Copper & Geometric Touches.

Copper is huge at the moment, and it's not going anywhere soon by the looks of things. Copper is an inexpensive but highly effective method of decor, and adding a few tasteful touches can really brighten up a wedding. I love these metal geometric hangers, by adding some flowers and fairy lights they really make a statement.

Unstructured Greenery.

In my opinion, very neat and tidy bouquets/arrangements have had their day, and this year is going to see more people opting for casual, effortless styling of foliage. I also think wildflowers will be huge, with couples wanting natural, rustic and intentionally-unruly floral displays enhancing their day.

Busy Table Tops.

Finally, I think busy, cluttered and unstyled tables are going to be a big trend in 2016, with couples choosing to fill their tables with flowers, greenery and statement lights to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. In keeping with the effortless, cool and hip theme I've mentioned above, a stuffy, formal setting is slightly outdated now, and long straight tables will almost make a wedding feel like a relaxed dinner party.

What do you think of my 2016 wedding predictions?


  1. Nice selection ! I like fairy lights and greenery !



  2. All these pictures are so gorgeous! Love the fairy lights and exposed brick work :) xx

    1. Thanks Georgia, I think I just basically wrote about my own perfect wedding haha :)

      Lucy x


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