Sunday, 28 February 2016

A Sunday Post / Three

Hey lovelies!
I'm back again with another Sunday Post, a mishmash rambling of what I've been up to over the last few weeks.

1. Even though most of the time the weather is horrible, we have been blessed with some gorgeous winter sunsets that I can't stop taking photos of. We took Daisy out for a walk after a particularly hideous day at work and it was lovely to clear the cobwebs.

2. I've not been getting enough sleep really and been burning the candle at both ends trying to cram everything in, so my skin has really paid the price. I'm hoping the products I mentioned as my must haves can help pull my skin back from the brink.

3. I do love nature in the winter, I'm fortunate enough to have some lovely surroundings where I can go for a walk at lunch time most days. I also travel a lot for work so when I'm in the car its nice to have something to look at.

4. I had a nice long weekend off last week where B and I went off to Staffordshire to help his parents move house. It's mad how much a place can evoke memories, I've only been about 6-7 times but I've always felt really comfortable and homely there, so I was sad to see it go. B of course grew up there so it's even harder. 
We took Daisy with us and she did amazing considering it was her first roadtrip. We went on a walk to a beautiful wooded area where I was taken on my first visit, and she loved it. 

5. The weekend in Staffordshire was lovely, if not busy, and then on the Sunday I caught the train to meet my Mum in Manchester for an overnight stay at the Hotel Gotham. I have blogged about this place before and had been dying to stay there! I'll be popping a post up over the next couple of weeks about our stay (for now I'll just say that one of their cocktails uses milk drained in coco pops - how amazing?!)

6. While in Manchester I ended up having a bit of a spending spree, which I hadn't planned on doing. I bought quite a bit from Zara which is one of my favourite stores, they had so much amazing new season stuff in. Primark was also pretty good, although I didn't buy too much from there this time. I could do a Zara haul if anyone would be interested in that?
Also, totes discovered a new fave drink. I'm a massive sucker for seasonal drinks, and I'm sure I'm like Starbucks/Costa's target customer! Starbucks new rose & pistachio mocha is the stuff of dreams.

7. I'm still trying really hard to keep fit I'm not really getting anywhere despite hitting my Fitbit target most days(maybe drinking sugary coffees doesn't help!) I really want to shift pounds by the summer and am considering slimming world, I keep hearing amazing things. I'm just really not happy with this flabby spare tyre I've developed lately. Add that to my spotty skin, and well, I'm looking a total dream! Haha :)

What have you been up to? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Such a nice doggy! And nice weekend you had


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