Saturday, 19 March 2016

Spring has Sprung

I'm not sure what it's like near you, but where I am has finally started to feel like Spring is on the way!
I love Winter in lots of ways, but once the excitement of Christmas is over and done with I find it starts dragging on, and we've had biblical amounts of rain here in not-so-sunny Wales.

When the weather picks up, my mood picks up (not that I think I've got SAD or anything) and I start dreaming of sunny mornings, long walks, car roof down, beer gardens, and fresh flowers.
It also makes me want to overhaul everything, and I start (attempting) to declutter, switching my heavy winter clothes and shoes to slightly more lightweight ones (nothing drastic mind you, I'm not expecting miracles in Britain!)  drawing blinds and buying brightly coloured flowers.

I'm getting bored of gloves and boots now, and can't wait to start wearing brogues/shoes and thinner tops. It'll be a while before I start braving bare legs and sandals though so I can carry on neglecting my pedicures and leg shaving until then!

These cute pictures are all from Pinterest, and make me feel a sense of renewed optimism just looking at them.

Are you looking forward to Spring?


  1. I love all the pictures at the top! My mood also picks up in Spring, and bring on the more summery clothes! Xx

    1. I love the photos, they're so bright and colourful and happy!

      Lucy x

  2. I'm so excited for Spring and Summer! I actually booked my holiday yesterday, so I can't wait to shop for summer clothes! :)

    X Marjolein

    1. Aww nothing better than booking a holiday!

      Lucy x


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