Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Sunday Post / Six

Hi lovelies!
Hope everyone is having a fab weekend so far, and that wherever you are it isn't quite so gloomy as it is in Wales right now!

1. I feel like I've really neglected my blog over this last month, and this April brings the least amount of posts I've ever written since I first started concentrating on blogging properly. Unfortunately real life has got in the way, and everything has been really busy. I definitely need to stick  to my word when I say I'm going to try and find more balance in my life, over the past few weeks I've let everything build up again which means I haven't had the time to properly invest in the things I DO love. This blog, as well as numerous other things, have fallen by the wayside a bit. But I plan to have more inspired content again soon!

2. One of my passions is photography, and I got chatting to an old friend the other day who's a photographer (I seem to know a lot of them! Ha) and he encouraged me to start taking a few more photos again, I guess since meeting B I've taken less, as he's usually the photographer on any days out we have. So when I saw this beautiful double rainbow through my window the other week, I popped out to take a quick snap on my phone. Pretty pleased with how it came out considering it took approximately 30 seconds to take! 

3. If you follow my blog, or any of my social media accounts, you'll have seen that I went for a weekend in Manchester to go and see Muse. I wrote a full post here if you'd like to hear about it in a bit more detail. The hotel was incredible, and boasted possibly the best customer service I've ever known. We stayed in The Lowry and I wrote a review as part of my monthly hotel series here.

4. Another weekend, another hotel, or at least that's how it seems! I swear, my life really isn't that glamorous at all! Last weekend my Mum and I returned to The Titanic Hotel in Liverpool for a relaxed weekend of shopping. We visited there in December and loved it, although my pledge last time was to visit the spa, which we didn't do again - but I think the price just seems a little steep. Especially when you take into account that I had a little spending spree! But the hotel was every bit as incredible this time around! We relaxed in our room for a while before having a cocktail in the bar and heading out for a lovely meal in Miller & Carter.  When we got back I headed for a bath in the massive bath tub, perfect!

5. On the subject of baths - my bath bomb of the week has to be Intergalactic! I've heard so many people rave about this one, and when I did my last order (I'm on a strict Lush ban for the forseeable future) I decided to pick one up. It didn't disappoint - the swirling colours were beautiful and the smell was divine!

6. On our second day in Liverpool, we decided to take in a bit of culture instead of carrying on shopping, which my bank account was grateful for! I'm a huge fan of churches and cathedrals, I just love the architecture and I can spend hours browsing around inside taking everything in. My Mum suggested we visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Liverpool Cathedral, and I loved both. 
The Metropolitan was very modern and colourful, and really striking and photogenic; whereas the Liverpool Cathedral was much more traditional, but the neon art piece by Tracey Emin took my breath away.

We also visited the Liverpool Philharmonic and the Institute (where Paul McCartney and George Harrison studied) but the weather had gone a bit grey and gloomy by that point so the photos don't really do them much justice.

Finally, we stopped off for a late lunch at Leaf which is one of my favourite places in Liverpool. I went there with the girls on my birthday a few years ago and it's definitely a must-see if visiting Liverpool.

7. Finally (I have waffled a bit) this weekend has been a quiet one. Tea and cake on Saturday, followed by a dog walk. It was perfect and just what I needed to wind down from a busy and stressful week. I think Daisy's position says it all.

How has your week been?


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  1. Awwh I love photography & glad to hear your getting back into it babe :)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend x


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