Friday, 15 April 2016

A Weekend in Manchester

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have seen that over the weekend I went to stay in Manchester. I've had a couple of weekend breaks booked in this year so far, which is probably making the year fly by even quicker than usual!
We got the train in (I hate driving through Central Manchester) which was really relaxing and peaceful, then popped for a quick Starbucks when we arrived (Starbucks chai latte is not as good as good as Costa's in my opinion)

Google Maps decided to lead us in COMPLETELY the wrong direction, meaning we had to walk for nearly an hour to find our hotel. But it definitely helped with my step count for the day, so every cloud has a silver lining!
We were staying at The Lowry Hotel, which is a modern 5 star hotel near Salford, but also near enough to walk into the City Centre. The room was gorgeous, really spacious, but also contemporary and luxurious with striking decor. It was a lovely place to relax in in our fluffy robe and slippers.

After settling into our room we headed to the Bar, where we decided to sample some cocktails. I'm a sucker for a lychee martini but they seem pretty hard to find, there was a lychee margarita on the menu but the bar man kindly offered to make a martini for me instead and I can clarify that it was absolutely delicious. 

That evening, we headed out. The weather was absolutely appalling so I was pretty relieved that I packed jeans and heels rather than a dress! It definitely didn't feel like mid-April thats for sure.

We decided to eat in Chaophraya, which is somewhere I've always fancied trying but we don't have any near where I live (no surprises there!) The food was absolutely delicious, I had satay to start, followed by thai green curry and finished off with some deep fried ice-cream which thankfully we shared as it was lovely but very, very heavy.

After our meal it was time for the main event, and we headed to the arena to see Muse. They're probably my favourite band of all time and this was the eighth time I've seen them. The atmosphere, as ever, was absolutely electric and I get goosebumps every time. 

The following morning we headed down for breakfast (which was lovely) before checking out and going shopping.

First stop was Selfridges because I wanted a new concealer and had decided on NARS, however my head was soon turned by the Charlotte Tilbury counter and instead I settled on this beauty. I also had a trial of the new foundation and absolutely love it, it's next on my list for sure.

Do you have any CT recommendations?


  1. Can't be your post without a photo of a cocktail ;) haha. Loving your outfit btw! Sorry to hear about the terrible weather, but at least you got great food to eat :)

    1. Haha, so true! Thanks Miriam! Was a fab weekend!

      Lucy x


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