Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Veleza: The App For All Beauty Lovers

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Like most of us these days, I'm usually glued to my phone.
Despite that, it's rare that I take to an app (other than the usuals such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) usually getting bored fairly quickly and deleting it off my phone.

So when I was introduced to Veleza a few months ago, I agreed to give it a try, but never expected to grow to love the app as much as I have. 

Veleza is a free mobile app where beauty lovers/bloggers can unite to discuss beauty tips, share photos, and review products. When you join, you're asked a series of questions about your skin type so that you can discover compatible skincare products.

I love make-up and skincare, but I'd be the first to admit that I'm definitely no expert on the subject, in fact it isn't something I blog about all that often as there are far, far more bloggers who specialise in beauty and are very knowledgeable. 
But the Veleza community never makes you feel like that, in fact it's a community of really lovely, like minded ladies who all boost and empower each other on a daily basis.

One of my favourite features of the app is the Shelf; where you take a photo of your product and it digitally matches and links to the product, where you can then write a review about it. You can also add a Wishlist and post photos to your hearts content - it's addictive!

The pink 'V' image below is what comes up when you search for Veleza on the App Store. 
You can also link your blog to your profile, which then helps you network and discover new blogs to read.

It's safe to say that Veleza has quickly become one of my favourite apps, I love scrolling through it with a cup of tea and keeping in the loop with everyone's posts. Also, I've never encountered any negativity from any of the other users, everyone is just genuinely interested in seeing and hearing about each others tips, hauls and selfies!

I use it so much, that the lovely admin ladies have recently made me an Ambassador for the app. 
It's definitely not something I'll be deleting off my phone any time soon!
Post written in collaboration with Veleza, but all views/opinions are completely my own.

Have you tried the app?


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