Monday, 30 May 2016

May Favourites

Morning lovelies!
I LOVE a bank holiday weekend, there's just something that makes me feel immediately more productive about having an extra day off, weird isn't it?

I got such a shock when I looked in my diary this week and realised June is practically upon us; I mean it's no big surprise seeing as we're in May at the moment and all, but this year just seems to creeping away! With that in mind I realised it's been yonks since I've done any monthly favourites, so today seemed as good a time as any:

I've been desperate to try this ever since I first head about them, and was super excited to try it. I haven't been disappointed, my skin feels beautifully smooth afterwards and how could I resist the chocolate orange scent due to my obsession? I also love the bright quirky ethics of the company!

I picked this travel size up on my recent holiday to France and I love using it underneath my make up for a fresh, glowy look that's perfect for summer. A little goes a long way and it's really helped brighten up my complexion. 

Adding to my chocolate orange obsession, it's really no surprise this is my current favourite scent from Lush. I've had this for a while now and it's still going strong, I adore the smell and the bright colour really cheers me up!

I'm obsessed with this concealer, I was on the lookout for a new concealer and the CT counter caught my eye; this conceals everything and just blends into my skin seamlessly. It's just so easy to use with the little pen style applicator. It's amazing.

This was my favourite shampoo when I was in school, and I'd completely forgotten about it until I spied it on the shelf during my recent Body Shop haul. It smells just like real bananas, and makes my hair feel so soft and clean afterwards. It's also a bargain at £5 too!

What do you think of my favourites?

Friday, 27 May 2016

Body Shop Wishlist

I've fallen back in love with The Body Shop in a big way, and I can't seem to stop browsing their products all the time. 
At the moment I'm totally in love with their Spa of the World products and want them all - I was having a look while in Duty Free and wanted to put everything in my bag, but refrained.
Here are what I've got my beady little eyes on:

I love clay masks, and while I've never used one all over my body I'm thinking this one could be a good place to start. The reviews sound great and I could do with a product to help with some blemishes on my back and scaly dry skin on my arms (I know, I sound delightful!)

I'm a sucker for a good body scrub, and this one smells incredible. It's not only an exfoliant but also contains oils to keep skin moisturised and soft. This is definitely going to be one of my next purchases.

This oil can be used for hair and body, and from reading reviews it seems to be almost a miracle cure for hair. I've recently taken my extensions out, and while I'm loving the low maintenance of my own hair again, it's very thin and fine and lacking in volume. This sounds like it would be perfect for injecting some life back into it.

THIS, is the daddy of them all. I've been obsessed with this cream ever since it came into the shops and I'm always popping in for a quick sniff. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and this cream sounds and smell amazing. Once I've used up my other body creams I'm definitely going to pick this up, I'm trying to adopt a policy of no more products until I've used mine up - so hard!

This is from a different range, but I smelt it for the first time in Duty Free and fell in love. I love fresh, woody shower gels much more than sweet scents, and this one made me feel like I'd been transported to an Italian courtyard for the evening.

Have you tried any of these products?
I'd love to hear your thoughts if so.

Monday, 23 May 2016

A Short Break in Nice

If you've read my blog for a while. you'll know by now that Nice in the South of France is my favourite ever holiday destination, and somewhere my Mum and I go every year.
Now, for someone who gets bored quite easily I would never have imagined finding somewhere that I could keep returning to without getting fed up of it, but that's never happened (in nearly 10 years) and I can't imagine it ever being the case. 
For one reason or another, we ended up having to go Monday-Friday and those 5 days just flew by. If I could have stayed forever longer, I definitely would have. For me, Nice has almost everything you could want; a constant warm (mid-high 20s) temperature, an abundance of restaurants/bars, absolutely beautiful scenery and great shopping.
This time we stayed at the Hotel Ambassador and although it was basic, it was a really lovely, peaceful little hotel that had everything we needed for a short break.
We really wanted a relaxed, easy break with no set plans, and that's exactly what we had.

One of my favourite things to do is visit the flower market in the old town, which is filled with fresh fruit, fish, vegetables and other local produce, as well as crafts and as the name suggests, fresh flowers. It's really bustling and atmospheric, and you know you're in a French market.
The rest of our time was spent walking (my Fitbit was easily clocking up 10-12000 steps a day compared to my shameful 5-7000 steps at home) eating, drinking cocktails and relaxing in the sun. The evenings were slightly cool but other than that you can't complain.

Since our first trip I've wanted to visit the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, it's so visually stunning and I've always wanted to visit Russia and look at the incredible architecture. This time we managed to get there while it was open and have a proper look around, it's just breathtaking.
We also got the bus to the village of Eze which is my favourite place on earth, and wandered around the quaint cobbled streets as well as whiling away a few hours sitting in the lovely hilltop cafe bars.

We were lucky enough to get a free upgrade in the hotel to a superior room with a balcony overlooking the sea, we bought a bottle of wine at a local supermarket and sat out on the balcony each evening in the sun, I managed to get through 2 books on this holiday!
Finally, on our last night we treated ourselves to a cocktail at the Negresco, a 5* luxury hotel on the Promenade that I would LOVE to stay in one day and wandered along looking at the beautiful sunset.
No matter how many times I visit, I can safely say I'll never tire of Nice or the beautiful Cote D'azur, it feels like home, my spiritual home at least, and nowhere makes me feel happier or more content.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

Life Lately Through My Camera Roll

Hi lovelies!
It's been ages since I've done one of these, but I always love reading these kind of posts so I thought I'd pop a quick one up.
It's been a busy few weeks, I feel like I haven't had time to properly sit back and take stock. Thankfully I've just come back from a week in the sun which helped me recharge my batteries a bit, I'll be posting more about that soon.
In the meantime:

1. When I got home late a few weeks ago, I popped out for a quick walk and saw this beautiful pastel sunset, I had to take a quick snap on my phone although photos never seem to quite do beautiful skies justice.

2. I went to Chester with some friends the weekend before last which was a lovely day. For once I managed to refrain from spending much as I've been a bit over generous lately, but we had a lovely day and a delicious lunch in Duttons.

3. Another beautiful day and a walk along the beach. I saw this Camper parked up, it's been my dream since I was little to own one, maybe some day eh?

4. My Mum and I decided to have a quick coffee and cake in a cafe overlooking the beach, it was gorgeous.

5. My job is essentially on the road as I spend most of my days driving, and last week I stopped off to have my lunch near the beach. Every cloud has a silver lining.

6. Last Saturday I went to a food festival with some friends, which means it finally feels like summer is here! I had an amazing jaffa cake ice cream which was incredible.

7. Later that night we went out for some pub food, this veggie lasagne was lovely and you just can't beat summery evenings in the beer garden.

8. Last Sunday I went to my friend's little boys Christening, isn't he beyond gorgeous?! 

9. We made the most of the sun by heading to the beach later with Daisy, the views were amazing and it was a lovely end to a busy weekend.

How have your weeks been?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My Travel Essentials

I'm a super light packer, and always amaze myself at how little I take away with me!
I'm going on holiday this week (as you read this in fact) and I've got together all the essential bits I can't travel without.

Well, if you're travelling abroad this is an obvious one.

I always like to have something to read on the plane, in bed at night or by the pool. I don't read as much as I should the rest of the time, so I like using holidays as an excuse to catch up on stuff. I've taken 'Brooklyn' with me - I loved the film!

Lip Balm
Keeping my lips moisturised is another of my essentials, so I always pack a lip balm to keep them soft and hydrated.

Hand Cream
I love hand cream, and always take one with me everywhere, I find moisturising my hands addictive!

Travel Plug
A boring one, but I like to have an adapter with me to charge my phone/camera/Kindle. As much as I enjoy the escapism, I like to still be able to be connected.

It's always nice to smell nice, and to squirt something fruity on before heading out for the evening. I've taken Orla Kiely with me this time, the small bottle is perfectly sized.

I have a ridiculous amount of make-up, so I like to condense it to go away. This Urban Decay travel set is perfect as it has everything you need (apart from foundation/concealer) - eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, bronzer and blusher. It's everything in one which saves loads of space for all those Sephora and duty free goodies I might wanna pick up....

What are your travel essentials?

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Glossybox / May Review

Hi lovelies!
How's this lovely weather treating you? It's been glorious here, I'm loving the sunny evenings!
This month's collectable box has been designed by OMY studios and it's so pretty!
Here's what I got this month:

Revlon Mascara
To be honest, this hasn't really inspired me. Mascaras are always handy to have, and as it's magnified it could be good, but I get one nearly every month so I have an overload of mascaras at the moment! I'll definitely be giving this a go, but it's not a brand I'm excited about either.

Absolute New York Velvet Lippie
Another item I'm not overly inspired by, but lipsticks are always handy to have (although this is more like a lipgloss cnonsistency) I'll pop it in my make-up bag and give it a go. I like the fact it dries matte though.

Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy
I LOVE hand cream so I'm pleased with this. I've always got loads on the go but hand creams are one of the few things I can never get enough of. This is nourishing for nails and cuticles too, and I like the gentle summery smell.

Loceryl Nail Gel
Another item that if I'm being honest, I find quite boring. It's always handy to treat your nails and this will come in useful when I'm doing a manicure, but I'm really not wowed by the addition of this to the box.

Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser
I feel like I'm really whining here, but again there seems to be a sample sized moisturiser in every box and I just have far too many! Particularly as I'm quite fussy when it comes to skincare. I'll still give this a good go though, and it'll be handy to take on nights away. I think this is one of the best products in the box.

Proper Corn Sweet & Salty Popcorn
Finally, I'm not sure why there's a bag of popcorn but I'll definitely give it a whirl. 

Sadly, this is going to be my last monthly review for a while as I've decided to cancel my Glossybox subscription for the time being.
I've just got far too many of the same products and I can't get through them all quickly enough!
I do love Glossybox and always look forward to receiving, I've also recommended it to so many people! But I just haven't felt that impressed with the last few month's boxes, and this one cemented it for me! I want to see more well-known makes (like Nars) or new makes (like Naobay) and maybe some different products like sheet masks or bath bombs, rather than quite cheap makes that I haven't heard of.

I may re-subscribe at some point though as I'm sure I'll miss my monthly goodies!

What did you think of this month's box?


Monday, 9 May 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Flat Iron

When it comes to my hair, I'm pretty useless. 
I wear Beauty Works human hair extensions to give my very fine, straight hair some volume (rather than length) and as much as it's nice having thicker hair, the extensions don't half get tangled! 
The minute I'm outside in the wind (which is pretty much a given living in the UK) they become a frizzy, matted, knotty mess. Therefore, styling them is essential to make sure I don't look like I've slept in a field.

The Diamond Hair Straightener* from Irresistible Me is a digital, temperature-controlled flat iron which has a nifty little feature called Diamond Hi-Tech, which coats the ceramic heating plates with crushed diamond and tourmaline, to keep the hair shiny and frizz free when styling.

I need all the help I can get to make my hair look decent, and after a walk on the beach today it was in a horrible state. I used these hair straighteners on a low-medium temperature for only a few minutes as my hair even with extensions is still quite fine, and I was amazed at how quickly they made a difference to my hair. The plates heated up quickly, but there was no steam or sizzling when they touched my hair, which I've noticed when using GHD's. 
They're really simple to use, and I'm seriously impressed. 
There was such a noticeable difference to my hair even after a short time, I can't wait to use them next time I go out.

Below is a before and after shot of my hair (as you can tell I was having a bad hair day!)

The Diamond Hair Straighteners were kindly sent to me by Irresistible Me for review purposes, but all opinions are unbiased and completely my own.

Photographs of me taken by Ben Walker Photography

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