Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Sunday Post / Seven

Hi lovelies!
So although a few posts have been popping up here and there over the last few weeks, this is the first time in a while I feel like I've actually properly dedicated any time to my blog. I've been swamped with uni work, it's been non-stop essays and exams for me, but at long last it's over. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I've been taking my photos in bulk and then scheduling posts a lot of the time, which means I've been awful about responding to comments or commenting on other blogs, which is such a shame as I really do love blogging. Anyway! Onwards and upwards.

Here's what I've been eating, drinking, doing and thinking over the past few weeks...

1. After my recent holiday (well, early May now but time flies) I've been hit badly with a case of post-holiday blues. Nothing ever seems as rosy as it does on holiday does it? I've spent a lot of time fantasising about moving out there, and convincing myself my life would be so much better if I lived abroad. The problem with me is that I'm permanently consumed by Wanderlust, I always want to be somewhere. 
In the meantime I've been trying to adopt a few habits I have when I'm on holiday, because they always seem to suit me better than the rut I get myself into at home. So I've been eating lighter, healthier meals, getting up earlier and trying to pack in as much outdoors/walking time as I possibly can, which has actually been pretty easy due to this amazing weather we've been having here lately.

2. Work as ever has been hectic, but when I think about how I was in my old job I feel immensely grateful that I'm no longer like that. This job is certainly demanding, but overall it's done wonders for me and my mental health to make the switch. I used to be constantly wired and dread going in, but now I actually really enjoy it, especially as I get to drive around so much looking at beautiful views of places I don't normally go (below). It's quite a solitary job but d'ya know what - I love that part. I get so little alone-time in general, that driving for miles with nothing but the radio and my own thoughts for company is pure bliss.

3. I've gone slightly crazy lately in the shopping department, which is ironic because I'm also trying to declutter and minimise my belongings! I think style-wise I've been made a huge switch over the last 12 months or so, my wardrobe and recent purchases are definitely reflecting that. My fashion sense is now more simple, smart-casual and 'grown-up'. Apart from when I when I wear silver glittery dolly shoes for work. And make no apology for it :)

4. We had such a rare sunny bank holiday weekend here in Wales and it was amazing. 3 day weekends should definitely be compulsory. I managed to squeeze in a fair bit without going overboard, and it was lovely. I had a night out with friends (it wouldn't be me without a cocktail photo), did lots of walking and had a delicious cream tea in the sunshine. Beaut.

5. New footwear of a different kind - these nifty little climbing shoes are my newest purchase. I decided it was high time I got a hobby, and after trying (and enjoying) climbing years ago, I went for a few hours over the weekend and still enjoyed it, despite being old, achy and out of shape. It was really hard work but fun, and it's something I definitely plan to do more of. I'm not one for buying sports gear on a whim, but these shoes were ridiculously cheap and I know I'll get use out of them.

6. I've had the most horrendous tooth pain for the 10 days (professional opinions differ -could be teeth, could be jaw, could be ear) but all I know is that I've been in absolute agony and it's really made me feel down. But on the bright side (because there usually is one) due to my inability to sleep properly once the painkillers wear off, I've been getting up much earlier. The other morning I went for a walk on the beach at 6.30am (I didn't know there was two 6.30's in a day!) and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Completely deserted, and so incredibly peaceful. It felt like a bit of solace, and now I'm finding myself getting up early just to keep on experiencing it.

7. This weekend it's been my lovely Mum's birthday, but because of feeling terrible I hadn't had the chance to make much effort with her presents. I bought her a Fitbit Flex because she's really into keeping active, and she loves it, but we had a day out together to celebrate as well. We went for a beach breakfast, which was lovely and hot in the sun, and then went for a drive, did some mooching around shops and had an ice-cream which was ah-maze-ing. Days like that are the best.

This has ended up being a huge waffle!
What have you been up to lately?

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